Handling The Transition Away From Paper

By JackJanuary 2, 2016

– This article was last updated on 16 July 2021-

Moving away from paper-based record-keeping, file sharing and communication to a paperless office is increasingly common throughout the UK. The ExpenseIn app and web-based service for online expense management is part of a wave of cloud computing, tools, apps and platforms that are helping businesses to perform better.

The image shows the transformation to a paperless office by inputting papers into a tablet

But irrespective of the inherent advantages to these smart business solutions, a transition from traditional methods to app/online methods will still have to be managed and, although the latest tools are designed for intuitive use, people can be resistant to change.

Here, then, are three key steps that are important for a smooth transition to a new paperless office.

Select the Right Service

There are three essential questions for you to ask, here. Firstly, do the tools and features adequately cover what you would hope the service to provide? Secondly, is the service affordable and is the benefit of the service to your business greater than its cost? Finally, is the software user-friendly or will it need tricky installations and training before you can use it?

Find your Innovation Champions

If you have a team of workers, you may want to introduce any new processes gently by first hand selecting a small few who will be positive and open to a new way of doing things. Once they have demonstrated the benefits of the new system, they can quickly show others how to use and take advantage of it, too.

Start Simple

Also, a simple project to get started on is preferable to one that is complex and long-term. That way, it will be easier to review the benefits of any new technology or setup before its adoption throughout the business.

So whether introducing an app for online expense management, an online platform for collaboration, or a new facility for cloud-based data storage, take the right steps to ensure that your business’s transition to becoming a paperless office is a smooth one.