Why Exhibiting at a Business Show is Essential for Your Business

By EmmaNovember 24, 2016

-This article was last updated on 22 September 2021-

This year we decided to exhibit at the Great British Business Show 2016. It was a chance to demonstrate our product in Olympia, London with over 25,000 different businesses in attendance. Our goal was simple; understand the different approaches businesses are taking to manage their expenses, and raise awareness for a more streamlined solution.

Martyn Webster, owner of ExpenseIn, at the Great British Business Show in London.

The Great British Business Show stood out as an exhibiting event for us, because of the diversity of businesses at show. Meeting people from businesses in different sectors with varying sizes allowed us to understand the vast spectrum of requirements companies’ need for efficient expense management. This was a great opportunity to have an open discussion with real people about what pitfalls they have been experiencing in their current process. It was therefore important for us to communicate how employing an automated cloud-based expense system can instead save businesses time and money on a once laborious and time-consuming job.

In today’s world of business, face-to-face interactions are limited due to most business aspects moving to an online platform. This exhibition was a chance for us, and many other businesses to have a physical presence and interact with potential customers on a personal level. For us, we love nothing more than meeting our customers face-to-face. Explaining to them first hand how expense solutions can dramatically improve their businesses’ productivity.

The typical day-to-day communications with our customers is primarily through email, web chat and phone calls. They are essential forms of communications for any business due to their convenience. However, we do find that these methods do not always allow us to really put across our passion for the product. Exhibiting at events such as the Great British Business Show makes creating that personal relationship with customers possible.

It was inspiring to see so many start-ups with some very innovative ideas. As a relatively new company ourselves, it was interesting to see how other businesses are doing in a growing UK business market. Exhibition shows can be essential for brand exposure and hopefully increase your client portfolio. In our experience, it was also a great way to start discussions with like-minded companies. We have been able to gain many long-lasting partnerships and fantastic networking opportunities through events such as this.

What was apparent from our time at the show and indeed businesses in general, is that any product or service that provides a solution to make their customers thrive will always be successful. That is why we are so proud of how our service has helped so many businesses gain back wasted time and money. Helping them to look up from their spreadsheets and invest valuable resources in other important business areas.