“An excellent investment and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.”

Osirium helps organisations drive down Business Risks, Operational Costs and meet IT Compliance. Osirium’s management team has been helping thousands of organisations over the past 25 years protect and transform their IT security services.

A manual burden

Osirium were struggling with a very manual expense process that proved clumsy for their employees and inflexible for their finance team. Employees were losing out on reimbursement through lost receipts and their finance team were struggling with the sheer volume of manually submitted claims every month. After calculating the admin burden associated with this process, Osirium released that it was not cost effective for their business to continue the way they were.

The way forward

Osirium searched the market with a clear goal in mind; find an intuitive solution for their end-users and reduce the admin burden for their finance team. After reviewing other expense solutions on the market, ExpenseIn was a clear winner. The easy to use mobile app proved to be invaluable to their on-the-go employees and the flexible approach that ExpenseIn provides for both their admin configuration and reporting abilities proved extremely useful for their finance team.

“We wouldn’t use anything else – it’s more than proven itself in our fast moving and innovative working environment.”

ExpenseIn was both inexpensive, costing far less money than their previous manual expense process and responsive to feature requests. With the use of ExpenseIn’s support team, issues were dealt with efficiently and resolved quickly. Osirium saw improvements straight away and found that with ExpenseIn’s automatic notifications, approvers were always alerted to approval requests and employees were no longer having to chase sign off.

ExpenseIn has worked closely with the Osirium team to understand their requirements and help customise their account to reflect their needs. Their admin burden has been greatly reduced and staff are able to get reimbursed in a timely manner. Osirium are fully experiencing the benefits of employing an automated solution for their expenses.

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