Managers will receive a notification when they have expenses to consider.

Set up your approval process, fast.

Organise your approval hierarchy with approval flows. There’s no need to send expenses or reminders via email, ExpenseIn handles the flow of information seamlessly, from expense creation through to final approval and records.

Automated notifications reduce the need for repetitive communication.

Notifications keep everyone up-to-date.

Managers are automatically reminded about expenses waiting for their approval so that claims never get lost in the system. And staff are updated on the status of their claims, keeping everyone in the loop.

Make fast approval decisions with readily available information.

Make faster approval decisions.

ExpenseIn brings all of the information needed to manage expense approvals into one place. At a glance managers will be able to see details such as the category, value and merchant, along with the receipt and any custom fields.

This highly accessible data means approval decisions can be made faster. Saving your managers time and ultimately increasing the morale of users.

At each stage of your approval flow, you can configure as many approvers as you need.

Shared approvals.

Support staff with shared responsibilities and handle leave seamlessly with shared approvals. At each stage of your approval flow, you can configure as many approvers as you need — only one needs to handle the expense.

Redirect claims to other approval flows

Redirect claims.

ExpenseIn makes it easy to redirect claims to other approval flows. This makes it easy to deal with ad-hoc situations such claim escalation or unplanned leave.