Go mobile on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.

Handle expenses on the go.

Claims for purchases, mileage and time can be quickly created in your local currency, which we’ll automatically convert when necessary. And our app works smoothly across iPhone, Android Blackberry and Windows Phone devices, ensuring painless expense creation on the go.

Go paperless.

Digitise your receipts.

Fed up of keeping track of receipts? Digitise them with ExpenseIn and we’ll handle them for you. Just tap “Grab a receipt” and you’re ready to go. Don’t lose out on expense claims because you lost the receipt, snap and submit on the go!

Electronic receipt records are compliant with HMRC requirements and are stored securely for at least 10 years.

Automatic receipt scanning.

Leave the typing to us.

Save time and skip the monotonous data extraction. Our human-assisted receipt scanning extracts all of the relevant information from your receipts automatically, so that you can work on something more interesting.

Notifications let you know when you've been paid.

Instant email notifications.

You’ll be notified in real time when your claims are approved or rejected, with integrated feedback where necessary. You’ll also be alerted to common expense issues before submission, allowing you to fix them immediately and speed up approval.

Automatic mileage calculations save your time.

Automatic mileage calculations.

Leverage the same tool that we use to verify user-entered mileages to save you from the need to calculate your distance travelled. Just enter your starting point and destination and we’ll handle the rest.