Where Can Your Business Improve?

By JackApril 5, 2016

– This article was last updated on 19 July 2021-

Spring isn’t just a time for apple blossom and little lambs, it also sees the start of the new financial year and represents an excellent opportunity to take stock and conduct a review of what and how things are done throughout your business, from expense management to tweeting.

Here are some typical areas where businesses great and small can often improve:

3 business men talking while standing in a room next to the windows

Get Away from Paperwork

Lost receipts are just one way that businesses miss out on significant savings over the course of a year because accounting administrators are unable to make claims that could have otherwise been completed for the taxman. But by sticking with manual methods of record-keeping, companies also leave themselves open to the other pitfalls of out-dated practices.

Being dependent on paperwork is messy, costly and unnecessary. Cloud and web-based solutions make it easy for companies to store and manage records, while expense management software allows receipts to be instantly captured and saved. No more missed claims and a better way of doing things in the office.

Update your Offering

Markets and competition evolve, which means that your products and services need to as well. It makes sense, then, to reach out to existing customers and find out what they buy, why and what they value most; their views on how your offering could be made more attractive and useful; and what would make them want to buy more.

Aside from attaining some valuable insight on how your clients view you, this process can also help you to form stronger relationships with customers as you build a more loyal client base.

It is then up to you to respond to that insight, perhaps using a sample of that client base to test your changes, as you continue to return for valuable feedback while you further develop your offering.

Improve your Social Media Presence

There is nowadays rarely a more cost-effective way to boost people’s awareness of what you do than by engaging with social media. Facebook and Twitter are fantastic tools for businesses that wish to develop their brand, have an online presence, and communicate with existing and/or prospective customers.