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Automatically capture, process and approve supplier invoices from anywhere, 24/7. Stay in control of your supplier spend.

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Speed up supplier invoice approval

Upload multiple invoices directly via the ExpenseIn app or forward your invoices via email and leave the typing to us.

From limiting the maximum invoice value to adjusting the requirements for each supplier, it’s easy to configure rules and apply them to your business with our invoice approval software.

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Explore ExpenseIn's powerful invoice approval features

Real-time scanning

Our real-time scanning extracts all of the relevant information from your supplier invoices automatically.

Advanced approval

Fully customisable, multi-level approval flows including out-of-office functionalities.

Purchase requests

Assign purchase requests and pre-approve spend before the purchase has taken place.

Categorisation and coding

ExpenseIn has your invoice process covered with full support for standard and custom coding structures.

Supplier policies

Speed up invoice approvals with automatic approval configurations & routings for each individual supplier.

Smart reporting

Access and utilise real-time invoice reports to stay in control of your spend and make smarter financial decisions.

The invoice module allows us to spend more time working towards better outcomes for children and families as well as delivering cost savings for the organisation.
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Scanning and digitalisation of invoices

The paperless invoice approval system works similar to the expense module with the real-time scanning and digitalisation of supplier invoices at its centre. 

The real-time scanning extracts all of the relevant information from user’s supplier invoices automatically and creates draft invoices ready for submission to the approvers.  


Purchase requests and pre-approval

Purchase requests will allow managers to pre-approve spend before the purchase has taken place.

Managers have the option to approve the purchase request and move it on to Finance for payment, reject the purchase request back to the user with a comment or redirect the purchase request to another approval flow.

Paperless purchase request interface

Post supplier invoices directly to your accounting software

Integrate ExpenseIn with your favourite tools and streamline your supplier invoice processes.

Invoice approval integrations

What our customers say about ExpenseIn

Very satisfied with this product as it has streamlined our expenses process and has generated great time savings for us so we can focus on other parts of the business.

We are using both the expenses and the invoice module and it has really sped up our processes and given us more control over spend.

For those who upload invoices into the system, it's quick, easy, and efficient, saving massive amounts of time on what was a manual and paper-based process prior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice approval is the process of reviewing and verifying supplier invoices before they are paid.

It ensures that the invoices are accurate, legitimate, and in line with the company's purchasing policies.

The approval process often involves multiple levels of review, depending on the invoice amount and the organisation's internal policies. ExpenseIn's invoice approval software allows a business to streamline this process.

Paperless invoice approval offers several benefits, including:

  • Speeding up the supplier invoice approval process.

  • Reducing manual data entry, allowing for real-time scanning and extraction of relevant invoice information.

  • Providing a centralised processing system for managing and tracking invoices, with the software ensuring superior control over supplier spend.

ExpenseIn's paperless invoice approval system operates similarly to its expense module.

It centres around real-time scanning and the digitisation of supplier invoices. This scanning automatically extracts relevant information from the invoices, creating draft invoices ready for submission to approvers.

This paperless invoice approval software also supports purchase requests, allowing managers to pre-approve spend before a purchase occurs.

Integration capabilities mean that approved invoices can be posted directly to your accounting software, further streamlining the process.

Businesses and organisations that handle a significant number of supplier invoices and seek to streamline their approval and payment processes can benefit from invoice approval software.

ExpenseIn's invoice approval system is especially useful for those aiming to reduce manual tasks, improve accuracy, and gain better insights into their spending patterns.

ExpenseIn's invoice approval software streamlines the entire invoice management process.

It automates tasks like:

  • Data extraction.

  • Categorisation.

  • Routing for approval.

This reduces the chances of errors and speeds up payments.

With features like real-time scanning, advanced approval flows, and smart reporting, invoice approval software provides a more efficient and transparent way to handle supplier invoices.

ExpenseIn's invoice approval software enhances the invoice approval process by offering real-time scanning that automatically extracts relevant information from supplier invoices.

This system provides advanced, customisable approval flows, including out-of-office functionalities.

ExpenseIn also supports categorisation and coding structures, allows for automatic approval configurations for individual suppliers, and offers smart reporting for better financial decision-making.