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Corporate credit card reconciliation process
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It's so refreshing to find a software solution that is so user-focused and aimed at making a chore such a breeze.

Integration with accounts software and corporate card company makes reconciling statements and importing transactions very simple saving precious time.

ExpenseIn has significantly reduced our admin and improved our efficiency. It was smooth to implement and the support centre has always been prompt to respond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit card reconciliation is the automated process of matching corporate card transactions to expense reports.

It involves verifying that each card transaction aligns with a corresponding expense claim, ensuring accuracy in financial records. This is crucial for maintaining transparent and accurate financial tracking.

ExpenseIn streamlines credit card reconciliation by automating matching card transactions with expenses.

It imports statements from major banks and automatically creates expenses, attaching any matching receipts.

This simplifies the reconciliation process, not only making it faster but also more accurate.

Synchronising credit card reconciliation offers several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced accuracy in expense reporting.

  • Time savings by reducing manual data entry.

  • Improved financial control and compliance.

  • Simplified expense management and audit processes.

  • Quick and efficient reconciliation of corporate card transactions.

Credit card reconciliation is important because it ensures that all business expenses made on corporate cards are accounted for and properly documented. This automated process is key to the following:

  • Preventing fraud.

  • Avoiding financial discrepancies.

  • Maintaining compliance with financial policies and tax regulations.

In short, yes, corporate card reconciliation on ExpenseIn is very safe.

ExpenseIn ensures this by:

  • Implementing robust security protocols, including two-step authentication for enhanced account safety.

  • Complying with GDPR, showing a strong commitment to customer data protection.

  • Holding the Cyber Essentials certification, demonstrating a serious approach to secure systems.

These measures reflect ExpenseIn's dedication to ensuring the security and safety of our customers' financial data.

Automated credit card reconciliation software is beneficial for businesses of all sizes that use corporate cards.

It's particularly advantageous for:

  • Finance teams and managers who need to oversee and approve business expenses.

  • Employees who regularly incur business expenses on corporate credit cards.