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Creating expenses from your receipts is easy. You will just need to ensure that your receipt is stored on your computer. 

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The ExpenseIn mobile app is available on iPhone, Android and Microsoft Windows.

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Once an expense is submitted, the approver can click on a user's expenses to approve or reject the claim.

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This article will explain how you can create a mileage claim if you use your own vehicle for business journeys.

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If you have any receipts that have been sent to your email inbox, you can forward these to us to add to your account.

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Import card statements for your users and reconcile submitted card expenses against this.

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What our customers say about ExpenseIn

We fell in love with the system during the demo and felt it was the most appropriate system for our employees.

Very satisfied with this product as it has streamlined our expenses process and has generated great time savings for us so we can focus on other parts of the business.

The support has been fantastic – both in the implementation phase and now. Queries are dealt with promptly.

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