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Mileage recording

ExpenseIn makes it easy to log personal and company car mileage claims. Gain complete visibility to your employees' travel data.

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Automatic mileage calculations

No need to calculate your distance travelled when recording business mileage, just enter your starting point and destination and we’ll handle the rest.

Benefit from Google Maps mileage synchronisation to calculate your travel distance.

Add existing mileage into your ExpenseIn account.

Customise your mileage and fuel rates for personal car mileage.

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Cumulative mileage reporting

ExpenseIn makes it easy to monitor employee mileage with cumulative reports.

Track cumulative mileage each tax year for all of your employees.

Use the web dashboard to generate highly customisable mileage reports.

Calculate VAT on mileage expenses in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

Cumulative mileage
The mileage log for company car users is most beneficial for our employees, this saves them time and also prevents any tax implications.
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Fulfil your duty of care obligations

With our duty of care module, employees are required to upload their documents such as driving licence, vehicle tax, MOT and business insurance before they can start submitting mileage claims. They will also receive automatic renewal notifications when documents are due to expire.

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What our customers say about ExpenseIn

Very satisfied with this product as it has streamlined our expenses process and has generated great time savings for us so we can focus on other parts of the business.

We have found the ExpenseIn team highly responsive and collaborative. They clearly know the value of great customer service.

ExpenseIn is so easy to navigate and use. They really understand the needs of a busy finance team.

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