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Our real-time reporting features allow you to create strategies based on real-time financial information. This means that any decision made will be based on up-to-date expense data and trends, making it that much more effective.

The Finance Team can also create an export schedule for automatic expense report generation. Scheduled reports can be sent directly to your inbox or even your SFTP server. This means that once you’ve scheduled your reports in advance, you can focus your time on more urgent tasks, and wait until you receive the report in your inbox.

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We have found the ExpenseIn team highly responsive and collaborative. They clearly know the value of great customer service.

Very satisfied with this product as it has streamlined our expenses process and has generated great time savings for us so we can focus on other parts of the business.

The ExpensIn App is easy to use and the pricing model works very well for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real-time expense reports instantly capture and update expenses as they occur, providing up-to-date financial information.

With ExpenseIn's real-time expense reporting feature, your financial data is always current, giving you a clearer picture of your spending as it happens.

Yes. Real-time financial reporting streamlines the entire expense process.

It automates the creation and delivery of expense reports, cutting down on manual tasks. This efficiency means more time for your team to focus on other important tasks.

Real-time expense reporting is ideal for any business seeking to enhance its expense management process.

It's particularly beneficial for those who need to maintain tight financial control and want real-time insights into their spending.

In short, the cost of real-time expense reporting depends on your specific needs.

ExpenseIn offers flexible plans based on active user usage, charging only for users who actively create or submit expenses each month, and there are no long-term contracts involved.

To get a clear understanding of the pricing that best fits your organisation's needs, book a demo with ExpenseIn.

A demo will allow you to:

  • Explore the features.

  • Understand the pricing structure in detail.

  • See how ExpenseIn aligns with your business requirements.

Yes! Real-time expense reporting takes the lead over traditional methods by offering immediate insights. No delays, no manual data entry - just up-to-the-minute financial information.

This leads to smarter, faster decision-making and keeps your financial records consistently accurate.

There are several key benefits of real-time expense reporting, including:

  • Instant access to up-to-date expense data.

  • Greater accuracy in financial records

  • Improved and faster decision-making.

  • Time-saving in expense report processing.

  • Less paperwork, more eco-friendly.

  • Better understanding of spending patterns.

Real-time financial reporting is an all-around win for effective financial management.

Real-time reporting saves money by quickly identifying unnecessary spending and streamlining spending policies, leading to cost savings.

Using a real-time expense reporting system also reduces manual processing costs.

Yes, integration is a breeze.

ExpenseIn's real-time expense reporting systems are user-friendly and designed to seamlessly blend with your existing financial software, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.