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Carbon Reporting

Easily track, analyse, and report on expense-related carbon emissions for your UK business, making a real difference in your environmental impact.

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Leading a Greener Future with Carbon Reporting

Transform how your UK business views sustainability with ExpenseIn's carbon reporting feature.

Using UK government conversion factors, it automatically calculates the carbon footprint when users submit an expense or mileage claim, making it easy for businesses to manage their environmental effects.

Carbon emissions from road travel expense claim

Carbon Reporting Made Simple & Comprehensive

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Mileage Expenses

Whether it’s petrol, diesel, LPG, or electric vehicles, our system accurately tracks and reports emissions for all.

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Buses & Public Road Transport

Focused carbon data analysis for buses and other forms of public road transportation, helping businesses track their emissions.

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Train travel, often a greener choice, is also included, offering a detailed analysis of its carbon impact.

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Our module intricately calculates the carbon footprint of air travel, factoring in varying flight lengths and types.

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Taxis & Private Road Transport

Comprehensive carbon footprint data for taxis and other private road transport options.

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Hotel stays are now part of your carbon footprint analysis, offering a complete picture.

Empower Your Decision Making with Visual Data

Discover the power of simplicity with our visual reporting tool. It turns complex carbon data into easy-to-understand visuals, helping you quickly gauge your ecological implications.  

With a comprehensive report, you'll have a clear view of your sustainability efforts, enabling smarter, eco-friendly business decisions. 

Carbon reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Our CO2 reporting module comprehensively covers all forms of business travel, from flights to bus rides to accommodation, for accurate emission tracking.

Yes, ExpenseIn's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting tool aligns with the UK Government's Conversion Factors, ensuring your carbon emission reporting is accurate and compliant with UK standards.  

This alignment provides a reliable framework for evaluating and communicating your company's sustainability efforts.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) is an essential international standard for measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. It's crucial for businesses and governments aiming to accurately assess and reduce their carbon footprint.  

The GHG Protocol provides comprehensive guidelines to ensure uniform and reliable carbon reporting, integral for effective ESG strategies. This framework is vital in environmental management and sustainability efforts.

In the UK, carbon emission reporting requirements depend on specific regulations that apply to different types of businesses.  

For large companies and qualified enterprises, the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors' Report) Regulations 2013 mandates the disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions in their annual reports.  

Also, the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework, effective from April 2019, requires qualifying companies to report their energy use and carbon emissions.  

For smaller businesses, while carbon emission reporting isn't legally required, it's increasingly vital for sustainability and meeting future environmental standards. Implementing carbon tracking can enhance their reputation and prepare them for potential new regulations.

Our current focus is on providing ESG reporting solutions tailored for UK organisations.

We use advanced algorithms and data sourced from reliable UK government databases to ensure the highest accuracy in our carbon emission calculations.

With its intuitive interface and visual dashboards, our tool is designed for ease of use, making complex data accessible to all team members.

The carbon reporting module is exclusively available in our Enterprise Plan. This plan is tailored to provide a range of advanced functionalities that cater to diverse business needs.

Interested in exploring these functionalities or thinking about an upgrade to the Enterprise Plan? We're here to help. Contact us for more information or support, and we'll help you find the best fit for your business.

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The ExpenseIn App is easy to use and the pricing model works very well for us.

ExpenseIn is so easy to navigate and use. They really understand the needs of a busy finance team.

We’re really pleased we made the decision to roll out ExpenseIn at Ascot Racecourse and the system has been widely embraced by our employees.

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