Managing your company card expenses the smart way

Issuing company cards to your employees for purchasing business expenses does come with some considerable benefits. For those employees who incur frequent and expensive expenses, the idea of putting themselves in a potentially difficult financial position does not seem like a very appealing proposition. Company cards allow your employees to…Read more »

Recognising the value of videos for our help centre

If you went into any classroom 20 years ago you would find students primarily learning by reading from a textbook. However, go into a classroom today and it is a different story. Modern teaching methods use an array of multimedia for educational purposes, from interactive whiteboards to YouTube revision channels….Read more »

The art of receipt scanning

Receipt scanning has very much been at forefront of the new shift towards expense management systems. It has been instrumental in transforming long-winded manual data entry into an effortless automated solution for many businesses. For expense management systems like ExpenseIn, receipt scanning has enabled us to give our customers both…Read more »