Start simplifying your expense management today

ExpenseIn combines receipt scanning, automated policy enforcement and real-time reporting to make expense management effortless.

Use ExpenseIn to store and manage your reciepts.
UK Support

UK-based support

Our support team are experts in expense management and can be contacted by email and phone.

Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone supported.

iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

From iPhone to Galaxy Note, ExpenseIn runs smoothly on all major smartphones.

HMRC ready

HMRC ready

HMRC compliant features are included by design.

Submit expenses anywhere on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.

Create and submit your expenses on the go

The ExpenseIn app is perfect for recording expenses. And with our receipt scanning feature you just have to snap and go! Your digital receipts will be stored securely, will never fade and are HMRC compliant.

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Use expense policies to highlight fraudulent mileage inflation.

Automatically enforce your companies' expense policy

Verify expenses against your guidelines with automated policies. Remind the submitter to add a receipt, verify mileages, limit entertainment expenditure, and more. All before submission. User feedback is instant and managers waste less time on common errors.

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ExpenseIn consolidates the information and tools required to make expense approval decisions.

Fast expense approval

ExpenseIn brings all the information and tools required to make approval decisions into a single, easy to use application. Faster approvals mean quicker reimbursements and a happier workforce.

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Download audit-friendly reports.

Process company expenses and generate custom reports

With automated notifications you’ll never forget about a pending reimbursement. And with a real time overview of business expenditure and powerful reporting features at your disposal, ExpenseIn empowers you to make smarter financial decisions.

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Flexible software integration

Work effortlessly with existing tools

ExpenseIn fits into existing workflows. Bank statements are easy to import and are automatically matched to scanned receipts. And almost all accounting software is supported by our customisable CSV exports.

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Powerful features that will save you hours

Every one of our features is designed carefully with UK businesses in mind. They’re accessible, secure and HMRC compliant.

Mobile app

Go mobile

Record receipts and submit expenses anywhere.

Fast expense approvals

Fast approval

Speed up approval decisions with online tools and notifications.

Automated policies

Automated policies

Increase policy compliance and reduce employee expense fraud.

Flexible integration

Flexible integration

Share data with your accounts package, including Sage, Xero and many more.

Credit card import

Credit card import

Automatically create expenses from credit card statements.

Understand business expenses

Comprehensive reporting

Track reimbursements, analyse VAT and audit expenses in real time.

Receipt scanning

Receipt scanning

Minimal typing – information is automatically extracted from your receipts.

HMRC ready

HMRC compliant

Designed specifically for HMRC compliance. Perfect for UK businesses.

Multi-currency support

Multi-currency support

Currency conversions are handled seamlessly.

What our customers say about us

ExpenseIn met all of our technical and process requirements, and was deemed to be the most user-friendly solution and the easiest of the products to navigate.

Young Enterprise

Expensein makes the expense process so very, very easy.

Translink Corporate Finance

ExpenseIn is extremely easy to use from both a user and finance perspective, ensuring that transactions are accurately recorded in an efficient manner.

Praetura Asset Finance