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Make fast approval decisions with accessible data and tools. Approve or reject claims from the office or on the go with ease.

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Make faster approval decisions

From the office or on the road, managers can approve and reject expense claims easily. Both the ExpenseIn app and web portal allow managers to view claims, check attached receipts and see any policy issues.

When combined with automated email reminders, the approval process now takes a matter of minutes.

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What our customers say about ExpenseIn

It's so refreshing to find a software solution that is so user-focused and aimed at making a chore such a breeze.

ExpenseIn is so easy to navigate and use. They really understand the needs of a busy finance team.

We’re really pleased we made the decision to roll out ExpenseIn at Ascot Racecourse and the system has been widely embraced by our employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expense approval software like ExpenseIn streamlines the process of managing and approving expense claims.

It can:

  • Speed up decision-making.

  • Ensure policy compliance.

  • Provide greater transparency in expense management.

This leads to more efficient operations and can significantly reduce the administrative burden on teams.

Yes, with ExpenseIn, you can approve expenses conveniently from your phone.

The mobile app allows managers to review and approve claims anywhere and anytime, making the process incredibly convenient and flexible.

Advanced expense approval offers several benefits:

  • It increases efficiency by automating the approval process.

  • It enhances control over spending with custom approval rules and levels.

  • It improves policy compliance through consistent enforcement.

  • It offers flexibility and convenience with mobile app approvals.

  • It saves time for both submitters and approvers by streamlining workflows.

Yes! Advanced approval can enhance your expense process by introducing flexibility and automation. It allows you to:

  • Choose from multiple levels of approval.

  • Assign specific approvers.

  • Establish approval conditions.

This ensures that expenses are reviewed and approved by the right people, providing greater control over company spending.

In short, yes. ExpenseIn allows you to automate the expense approval process.

You can set up custom rules and conditions that automatically route expense claims to the appropriate approvers, reducing manual intervention and speeding up the approval process.

Absolutely. ExpenseIn's advanced approval feature is designed for ease of use.

Its intuitive interface makes setting up and managing approval workflows simple, ensuring a smooth user experience for both approvers and employees submitting expenses.