About us

We exist to remove the pain of expense management, creating value for your business.

We are a dedicated team of chartered accountants and software development experts who understand the needs of small and large businesses alike.

ExpenseIn started out as a simple idea; to get rid of paper receipts from our pockets and from our files. We’ve endeavored throughout the development of ExpenseIn to stay true to the simplicity of our outset, building powerful tools into a solution that’s easy to learn and a pleasure to use.

Our values

Our underlying values guide our team, product development, and our business.

Passionate about our customers.

Passionate about your business

Our mission is underpinned by a simple goal: to create value for your business. We’re passionate about your needs, building features that solve your problems and exceed your expectations.

Powerfully simple.

Powerfully simple

We make business easier. Each of our powerful features is designed with an intuitive interface that puts user experience first. It feels natural and cuts down on training and support time.

Built with qualified accountants.

Built with qualified accountants

Our development is guided by business needs and qualified accountants. Our system is compliant with UK tax law and makes everything from approvals to audits easier.

Fantastic UK Support

Fantastic support at every stage

ExpenseIn experts are available via phone, email and live chat. At every step of the process experienced members of our team are available to guide you and solve your problems, fast.

We're on a mission

Our guiding principle is to remove the frustration and pain of managing expenses for both the employer and employee while saving companies time and money. We are passionate about all of our customers and use their feedback to mould improvements to our solution.

What makes ExpenseIn different?

  • Fully-featured solution.
  • Access to every feature.
  • No setup costs.
  • Passionate UK-based support.
  • HMRC & UK tax law ready.
  • Intuitive user experience.

ExpenseIn is a fully-fledged expense management solution that makes expense management effortless, while packing in powerful features. Our dynamic workflow is built for your business, and we aim to shape future improvements in our software around your needs.

We have a fantastic team of experts in the UK who are ready to provide free, multi-channel support to all of our customers. Our personal approach to support facilitates the efficiency of our software, removing frustration and saving your time.

More from ExpenseIn...

Check out our blog to learn about how the latest ExpenseIn updates can improve your workflow. You can also stay up-to-date with our general business advice and learn how to manage your expenses better.

What our customers say about us.

ExpenseIn was easy to setup and customise. The end users submit their expenses on the go with minimal time output, the approval process is fast and Finance receives fully completed claims in a timely manner.


The feedback from the team has been excellent. The app is extremely convenient and makes recording expenses on the go much easier. They no longer have to carry paper receipts.

Fabulous Fan Fayre

ExpenseIn is extremely easy to use from both a user and finance perspective, ensuring that transactions are accurately recorded in an efficient manner.

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