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Expense claims are now seamlessly imported from ExpenseIn to Sage. A process that took 3 days a month now takes a couple of hours at most.
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Tim Stanbury

Director of Finance and IT

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As a software company we believe in making it as easy as possible for our customers to connect their different systems.

Rest API: request expenses from ExpenseIn with the click of a button, no file download needed.

File Delivery (SFTP): automatically sync information between ExpenseIn and your platforms via an automated file delivery system.

Clear reference documentation in our dedicated developer platform.

Our ExpenseIn API & SFTP experts are available to support you all the way.

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What our customers say about ExpenseIn

Very satisfied with this product as it has streamlined our expenses process and has generated great time savings for us so we can focus on other parts of the business.

I can absolutely vouch for this system. It's taken our processing time down from 2 days to half a day as well as making it easier for colleagues to record receipts and submit expenses for approval.

The support has been fantastic – both in the implementation phase and now.

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