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Very satisfied with this product as it has streamlined our expenses process and has generated great time savings for us so we can focus on other parts of the business.

We have found the ExpenseIn team highly responsive and collaborative. They clearly know the value of great customer service.

ExpenseIn has significantly reduced our admin and improved our efficiency. It was smooth to implement and the support centre has always been prompt to respond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The primary benefits of using ExpenseIn's receipt scanning app include:

  • Saving time by avoiding manual data extraction.

  • Creating and submitting expense receipts swiftly.

  • Eliminating the need for paper receipts.

The app automatically extracts relevant information from receipts, making the scanning process quick and intuitive.

In general, the safety of receipt scanning apps depends on the security measures implemented by the provider.

ExpenseIn's receipt scanning app prioritises user data protection by employing:

  • Encryption.

  • Password protection.

  • Other security protocols.

Specifically, ExpenseIn prioritises user security by offering features like two-step authentication, data encryption, and hosting with Amazon AWS, which is renowned for its stringent security standards.

ExpenseIn also has the Cyber Essentials certification, a UK Government-backed recognition for cybersecurity.

Users can capture a receipt using ExpenseIn's receipt scanning app.

The software will automatically scan and extract relevant information from the receipt.

Anyone who frequently deals with expenses, especially businesses and professionals looking to streamline their expense management process, can benefit from a receipt scanning app.

ExpenseIn's receipt scanning app is especially useful for those wanting to replace time-consuming spreadsheets and manage expenses on the move.

In short, yes, ExpenseIn's receipt scanning app is worth it in that it offers significant time savings and efficiency improvements.

ExpenseIn's app for scanning receipts reduces administrative tasks, allowing users to focus on other essential parts of their business or work.

ExpenseIn uses flexible active user plans, where you're billed only for users who create or submit an expense in a given month. So, you only pay for those who are actively using the service.

If you're curious about the exact pricing of our receipt scanning app, booking a demo with ExpenseIn is a great way to get detailed information.