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Simple expense management for volunteers

Manage non-employee expenses easily, cutting out paperwork and speeding up reimbursements.

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Volunteer expenses? Sorted. Now, back to making a difference.

Get volunteers going quickly

Easy sign-up means volunteers can start submitting expenses in no time. 

Just a few clicks and they're ready to submit claims, making the process welcoming and straightforward for everyone, especially for those one-off events. 

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Reimburse expenses without the wait

Effortlessly approve and reimburse expenses for anything from trustee meetings to travel for fundraising.

With fast processing, volunteers don't wait long for reimbursements. So, everyone stays focused on the mission, not on paperwork. 

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Trust in every transaction

Our system automatically checks each claim for errors and flags anything that doesn't add up. 

You'll know if there's a problem before it's a problem, ensuring everything meets your volunteers expense policy guidelines without manual checks. 

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Make smart decisions with clear data

Real-time reporting gives you a transparent view of where funds are going.

Make informed decisions with up-to-date data on volunteer expenses, helping your organisation stay on budget and project on track. 

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ExpenseIn proved to be the most cost-effective solution, especially given the charity discount offered.
Young Enterprise

Tim Stanbury

Director of Finance and IT

Don't just take our word for it

An expense process that typically would have taken months has now been significantly reduced.

ExpenseIn was deemed to be the most user-friendly solution and the easiest of the products to navigate.

ExpenseIn allowed us to spend more time working towards better outcomes for children.

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