"A process that took 3 days a month now takes a couple of hours at most"

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Expense management

ExpenseIn proved to be the most cost-effective solution, especially given the charity discount offered.

Young Enterprise is a not-for-profit business and enterprise education charity in England & Wales. Since they were established, over 4 million young people have taken part in Young Enterprise programmes in the UK.

The old

Prior to rolling out the ExpenseIn product, Young Enterprise staff manually completed expenses using an Excel template, authorisations were managed via email and finance staff manually entered claims onto Sage through journal entry. This process applied to both out-of-pocket expenses and for expenditure made using organisational credit cards and was inefficient for the claimer, the authoriser and for finance staff processing the claims.

For Finance, it took at least three days per month to prepare and post journals to Sage, check receipts and authorisations, file expenses and chase for outstanding back up.

The new

YE looked in detail at 3 possible solutions and chose ExpenseIn as we considered they offered the best product and customer service, at the most competitive price. Whilst the solutions reviewed offered broadly similar functionality, ExpenseIn met all of our technical and process requirements.

ExpenseIn was deemed to be the most user-friendly solution and the easiest of the products to navigate.

From a service perspective, we felt comfortable with our interactions with the ExpenseIn team from day one. They listened, proved responsive and receptive to our needs, were in no way pushy and gave us real confidence in their ability to deliver on the implementation.

Price wise, ExpenseIn proved to be the most cost-effective solution, especially so given the charity discount offered.

We also liked the flexible per user cost model with no tie in.

Staff completing and submitting claims save a considerable amount of time each month. Where previously, they completed expenses typically at the end of the month, they now keep up to date through the month using the App whilst on the go and reap time saving benefits from the OCR technology, the use of favourites, automatically calculated mileages and not having to post/scan receipts. Credit card users benefit from the import of transactions to their expense account.

The benefits to finance are just as significant. Expense claims are now seamlessly imported from ExpenseIn to Sage, auto reminders save the chasing of claims and authorisations, and there's no longer the need to chase, check, match and file receipts. A process that took 3 days a month now takes a couple of hours at most.

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