"ExpenseIn provided a good balance between functionality, automation but also cost to the business."

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Expense management

Automate and streamline employee expense submissions.

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Invoice module

Quickly process and import invoice data into Sage Intacct.

TopCashback is a reward website that receives a commission from the merchant for directing customers to their website. Most cashback sites give just a portion of this back to their users, but TopCashback give up to 105% of what retailers pay, making them the highest paying cashback site in the UK.

Overcoming manual invoice entry challenges

TopCashback faced significant inefficiencies with their previous invoice process. 

Each invoice had to be manually entered into the system, requiring line-by-line completion of all template details. This manual process was extremely time-consuming, leading to delays and increased administrative burden.

"Previously, every invoice had to be entered into the system manually, this meant filling in all template details line by line which was very time-consuming."

Why TopCashback chose ExpenseIn

ExpenseIn was chosen by TopCashback due to its balanced offering of functionality, automation, and cost-effectiveness.

The platform provided the necessary tools to streamline the invoice process without compromising on affordability, making it a suitable fit for the business.

"ExpenseIn provided a good balance between functionality, automation but also cost to the business."

Remarkable benefits achieved with ExpenseIn

The most notable benefit since implementing ExpenseIn's invoice module has been the substantial time savings. 

The system's ability to learn patterns and predict which suppliers use specific nominal codes or tax codes has significantly reduced the manual workload. This intelligent automation has expedited the entire process.

"The time saved on the processing, especially as the system starts to learn patterns and which suppliers might use which nominal code/tax code etc."

Seamless integration with Sage Intacct

TopCashback has integrated ExpenseIn with Sage Intacct via API for seamless data transfer. This integration allows for the flexible import of invoice information in batches of any size, at any time of day. 

The instantaneous transfer of data into the accounting software has improved efficiency and data accuracy.

"We can import the information in as large or as small a batch as we wish and at any time of day and the information is then in the accounting software almost instantly."

Positive user reception

The system has been well-received by end-users at TopCashback. 

Users find the platform user-friendly and easy to adapt to specific business needs. The intuitive interface and straightforward setup have facilitated a smooth transition and positive user experience.

"[ExpenseIn has been] well received. The system is user friendly, easy to get to grips with and generally easy to adapt settings to our specific business needs."

Outstanding support from ExpenseIn

The support provided by ExpenseIn has been exceptional. 

The team is friendly, responsive, and accessible through multiple channels, including a live chat tool with minimal wait times and prompt email responses. 

This high level of support has ensured any issues are quickly addressed, further enhancing the user experience.

"Amazing support. Everyone is really friendly and there are multiple ways you can reach out for help if needed. The live tool chat never seems to have a long wait time and people are easy to reach and responsive to email requests as well."

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