How Business Travel is Becoming Smarter With Your Phone

By EmmaOctober 18, 2016

-This article was last updated on 22 September 2021-

Smart phones are making our business travel as mobile as we are. At the touch of a button you can organise, book and record everything for your business trip. Smart phones have become an in disposable tool for our every day lives and is now shaping the way we travel.

Man at airport travelling for business

Travel apps are in abundance; allowing us to book hotel and flights, organise transport, and even track our train journeys. Apps such as Uber have sky rocketed; being able to book a taxi from your phone in a few minutes has seen widespread popularity.

Apps also mean that we can keep up with our work on the go. Everyone sends off emails from their phones and you can even use Microsoft office on phones and tablets. This means you can be connected even when you are thousands of miles away from the office. All this new technology is helping us to focus on our work, instead of wasting unnecessary time on organising our business trip.

Business Travel

Thirty years ago, travelling for business was much more complicated. Booking flights meant visiting a travel agent and choosing a hotel equated to hours and hours flicking through the catalogues and staying on hold on the phone. Flights can be booked from the palm of your hand and many flight companies even allow boarding passes to be scanned straight from your phone.

Once upon a time, turning up in a new city could be a daunting experience. Getting lost was easy, and the only way to orientate yourself was with a map. Thanks to Google Maps, your phone will ensure that you never get lost again. Best of all, navigational options will ensure that you are never late for that business meeting.


One of the downfalls of business travel is keeping track of all of your receipts and expenditures, so that your workplace can refund you at a later date. Receipts can often fade or get wet, notes can be lost and you can end up confused about how much you should be reimbursed. Who wants to spend hours trawling through credit card statements?

Your phone can fix this problem at the click of a button! ExpenseIn saves you from ever having to hold on to a receipt again. The easy to use app allows you to scan your receipts, meaning you can worry less about receipts and more about the job at hand. With our receipt-scanning function you don’t even have to manually type in the information; we can detect and type in the receipt information for you. Currency shouldn’t be a problem either when you are travelling for business. We accept over a hundred different currencies with real-time exchange rates.