How Many of Your Suppliers Listen to Your Requests?

By EmmaJune 2, 2017

–This article was last updated on 5 October 2021-

At ExpenseIn, we often get asked the question ‘What differentiates you from any other expense management solution?’ Whilst our service has many great attributes such as our innovative features and fantastic support, we feel that our approach to software development really does set us apart.

We approach software development by first listening to the requirements of our customers. This helps us to gain a more informed and well-rounded view of what is expected from an expense management system. It is also important for us to have direct and frequent communication with our customers throughout the process and understand how the system is working for them.

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From the start, we have always put communication with our customers as one of our core values. We know that the worlds of business and technology develop at a rapid pace. That is why we believe, that working in partnership with our clients is key to developing our product and also ensuring we are always giving people the tools they need. From this, we have always prided ourselves on putting customer support as a priority. This support is the cornerstone for giving customers a platform to tell us what they really think and need going forward. We encourage our customers to openly voice their feedback to us. The information that we receive has been instrumental in designing fantastic features that are always in line with our customer’s requirements.

From our most recent conversations, we have been working on a whole host of great user-inspired features. One feature that we are very excited to share with you is our anticipated e-receipt forwarding feature. In the last few years, there has been a large shift towards e-receipts such as for hotel or train bookings. We always want to keep up to date with the times and make the expense process as effortless as possible. As a result of this our customers can now forward their e-receipts to us and we will scan and add them to their account.

In addition to this, we have been adding further features for our Admin users. These have come in the form of fixed rate categories and attendee reporting. Fixed rate categories will ensure that when users select certain categories the amount field will be automatically populated with a fixed rate. Admin users can choose the rate to be in line with company policy, for example, this will be a great feature for subsistence expenses. Attendee reporting can now be set up for certain categories too. Now when one person is paying for multiple people, approvers and finance teams will be able to see who was present for that expense. This feature is great for those entertainment expenses!

We have also added the ability for projects to be automatically marked as billable. This means that users do not have to select it themselves to reduce errors going through to the finance section.

Many of our great new features have been sculpted through dialogue with our users. We believe that this customer-centric approach at the core of our company is something that makes us different in a popular market.