Introducing New Employees to your Expenses Process

By EmmaMarch 2, 2018

–This article was last updated on 7 October 2021-

It’s always exciting to welcome a new member to your team. It can mean new skills, ideas and great new input into your business. It’s also a great sign that your company is growing and moving forward. It’s understandable that making sure your new team member is comfortable and keen to push the business forward is a top priority, but introducing new employees to key policies such as the expenses process at your business is essential.

Serious businessman listening to his colleague explaining the expense process.

Provide Clear Information

There is always a lot of information to take in for new starters, and it’s important that they fit into the company well. You may have an employee handbook or a guide for them to follow or it may be a more relaxed, learn on the job situation. Either way, expenses are going to come up and having a clear and easy to follow process can make a huge difference in ensuring your new starter is up to speed.

Put Forward an Open Attitude

An open and responsible attitude to expenses can be a great way to make employees get behind the company even more, and knowing the benefits of working for you is so important.

Have the Right Tools Available

Keeping track of expenses has long been regarded as a complex and frustrating process however mobile technology has revolutionised the process. Using a cloud-based expense system means it can be accessed on the go, from anywhere, allowing employees the freedom to travel without having to keep every single receipt. With ExpenseIn, they can take a photo of their receipt, upload in and carry on with their work. Instead of a long form and calculations, new employees can simply scan their receipt and upload it with our intuitive app.

Make Things Simple

Different companies have different expense cultures and expenses can make a tangible difference to the bottom line. Introducing your new employee to the rules and limitations can be time consuming and awkward, but with a simple, mobile expenses solution, they can learn through knowing what is accepted and rejected too.

Encourage Accountability

Get rid of the worry of paying for excessive expenses if a new employee comes from a different company with a different expense procedure. You can easily view the uploaded receipt so you know exactly what’s been spent by your employee and if it isn’t something your company covers, then you can simply reject the expense through the app. Through real-time reporting, you can take a detailed look at your new starters expenses, without having to sit them down in the office to go through everything.

Taking on new staff is an exciting step forward for your business and should be enjoyed rather than causing you extra stress. Using new technology and different approaches is one of the best ways to get new starters involved and integrated into the company. If you’ve got these tools and you use them effectively, explaining expenses can be another opportunity to make your new employee sure that your company really is the best place for them.