What Does a Successful SaaS Implementation Process Look Like (+Free Checklist)

By Linda RoperOctober 5, 2022

Rolling out a new software in a business is never a simple task. Quite the opposite, it takes great collaboration behind the scenes, primarily between the SaaS implementation specialist and the client’s point-of-contact, to deliver a successful SaaS implementation. Hence, it should come as no surprise that communicating frequently and openly throughout the various stages are the key to a successful implementation. In this article, we share with you our 6-step implementation checklist and take a closer look at the ExpenseIn implementation process.

SaaS Implementation

Successful SaaS Implementation Checklist

1. Set clear objectives

Whilst everyone has their reasons - and those might widely differ - for wanting to use a leading SaaS to help manage your company’s processes, it’s vital that once you have chosen a supplier that you share those objectives with them. Only through transparency and honesty as to your objectives, can the SaaS implementation team develop an understanding of how best to support you in your journey.

2. Assess existing software capabilities and establish the required technology

When investigating different SaaS options for managing your company’s processes, you’ll want to be sure that you’re using the best product for your team. This means that the software not only covers your basic needs (e.g. save time and reduce errors), but also helps you to increase your financial benefits and improve legal compliance. That’s why you’d want to discuss your existing software capabilities and your goals (remember point 1: set clear objectives) with your implementation experts from the start.

3. Identify key stakeholders to form your project team

We know that bringing in a new software to your company won’t just affect you and your team, in fact, there are many stakeholders to consider. The best implementation teams will be working with you to identify the key areas within your business that could add value to your project, and help you identify all relevant aspects to consider so you can form the best project team.

You’ll also want to make sure your team is kept up to date with the implementation process, so you can adjust and adapt your plan accordingly and make everyone feel included in your vision.

4. Provide accurate data

As part of the process, the SaaS implementation team may request company data (e.g. information from your accountancy package) to configure your account in the most efficient way. This means that the data you provide needs to be as accurate as possible.

5. Testing Time

We know you’ll be eager to get familiar with your new SaaS tool and roll this out to your company as soon as possible. Your implementation team will be equally as determined to ensure you are making the most of your shared support time. To that end, they’ll be encouraging you to test the system as much as you can, so you and your team are best equipped for your go-live date with the new software.

6. Measure your success

Finally, it’s important to step back and measure your project success. You can do this by reviewing the scope of your project and checking it against your results. Further, we recommend that you analyse your budget, the satisfaction level of your stakeholders (whether internal or external), the level of learning and knowledge your people have acquired, and the time you have saved through implementing the new solution.

If these areas return good feedback, you can call it a success!

Successful SaaS implementation at ExpenseIn

Here at ExpenseIn, our experienced team knows all about putting together a SaaS implementation project plan to suit your requirements and ensure your goals are achieved.

In addition to the support mentioned in the above checklist, we bring to the table:

  • Simplicity over everything else

While we’ll be asking you for data alongside a host of questions, we’ll never do so with ambiguity. We’ll tell you what we need and why.

  • Flexibility

With dedicated implementation specialists on hand, we’ve got the ability to meet with you when you need us.

  • Dedicated online meetings

We’ll host online meetings and guide you through the platform, so you’ll become ExpenseIn experts in no-time.

  • Aftercare and ongoing support available via email, phone and live chat

You didn’t think that we’d stop once your account is set up, did you? We have an outstanding support team ready to give you and your users ongoing support.

  • A fantastic resource centre

We’ve worked hard to build and maintain an extensive catalogue of articles and videos to help you navigate the new software and ensure you have the right resources in place once your implementation has ended.

ExpenseIn Implementation

This article was written by the ExpenseIn implementation team.