Everything you need to manage employee expenses

ExpenseIn brings everything you need to create, approve and report on your expenses into one easy to use package.

Configure policies to enforce expense rules.

Enforce your companies' expense policy

Expense policies allow organisations to configure guidelines that regulate expense claims. From limiting the maximum claim value, to adjusting the requirements for the presence of a receipt, it’s easy to configure rules and apply them to groups within your business.

Inform users of policy issues before submission.

Automate policy checks

To cut down on expense rejections ExpenseIn automatically checks expenses. It’s easy to configure warnings or prevent submission if errors aren’t fixed, which reduces manager workload and reimbursement time.

Use expense policies to highlight fraudulent mileage inflation.

Easily report on all policy issues

Users can choose to ignore policy warnings to allow for special cases. When this is done managers will be clearly informed, allowing them to make approve or reject accordingly.

In addition to this, ExpenseIn provides a suite of expense reports to easily identify and audit policy breaches - all of which can be exported to Excel and PDF.

Forward your email receipt to us and we’ll automatically create an expense.

Inform staff with an expense policy declaration

To increase expense policy awareness, staff can be required to accept policies before they start submitting expenses. This will reduce the number of claims which don’t meet your requirements.