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Streamline your expenses and accounting solutions today. Reduce the time spent recording and managing business expenses by integrating ExpenseIn with Sage 200.

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Sage 200 is a cloud-based accounting solution for medium-sized enterprises that are looking for a solution that meets the accounts requirements of growing businesses. Sage 200 is ideal for businesses with £2M-£100M annual turnover, or 50-250 employees. It can be customised to fit your business needs by managing stock, projects, CRM, payments and your manufacturing processes.

Integrating ExpenseIn with Sage 200 is a simple one-time process and time-consuming data entry to manage business receipts will become a thing of the past!

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Connecting ExpenseIn to Sage 200

Connect ExpenseIn to your Sage 200 account in 10 seconds and benefit from automatic expense posting. In many cases, our default templates work out of the box and allow you to start posting receipts and invoices immediately.

If you need any help with your Sage 200 integration, the ExpenseIn Support team are also on hand and can be contacted via phone, live chat and email.

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