UK expense software that integrates with Telleroo

Together with Telleroo, we've made it simpler than ever to automate expense payments directly from ExpenseIn for hassle-free employee reimbursements.

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ExpenseIn + Telleroo = Streamlined payments

Telleroo is your solution for fast bulk business payments without the hassle of manual data entry. When integrated with ExpenseIn, the entire reimbursement process becomes a breeze.

Here's how it works: Once you've approved expenses in ExpenseIn, just add the required reimbursement funds to your Telleroo account. From there, Telleroo handles the bulk payments, making sure your employees get paid quickly and safely.

Plus, with Telleroo's alerts, you're instantly notified of changes in bank details or when a new payee is added. It's the perfect blend of simplicity and security for your payment processes.

ExpenseIn and Telleroo Integration

Reimburse with confidence every time

By integrating ExpenseIn with Telleroo, you unlock a host of benefits. Here's what you can expect:

Time Savings: Approve expenses in ExpenseIn, then send them to Telleroo with a single click to pay them all at once.

Reduce Errors: By eliminating the need for manual bank transfers for employee reimbursements, you significantly cut down on human errors, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

Enhanced Control: With Telleroo, you add a second layer of security to your expense reimbursements: one person creates the pay run in ExpenseIn, another approves in Telleroo, making it extra secure.

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