Interview with our Implementation and Support Manager Claire Louise Hughes

By Linda RoperJuly 14, 2022

Claire interview blog

Name: Claire Louise Hughes

Role: Implementation & Support Manager

Favourite movie: Tough one.... If I had to pick one, Calamity Jane

Favourite book: Lady Sings the Blues

Favourite food: Mum’s roast dinner

1. What is your role at ExpenseIn?

My two main responsibilities are to support any user of the ExpenseIn product and to keep the Implementation & Support Team motivated. In general, my role is a varied one and I’m lucky enough to work closely with our customers, helping them configure their ExpenseIn accounts to meet and exceed their business requirements. Overall, my role brings a lot of job satisfaction as it is great to see how beneficial ExpenseIn is to a Finance Team.

2. How would you define good customer support?

Good customer support starts with being polite and always remembering that people come to you for help. I also believe it means providing support in a timely and beneficial manner, from the moment the customer first contacts you until they leave you wiser and happy.

3. Your team continuously achieves high customer support ratings (>95%). How do you ensure this is the case?

Listening to our customers and giving them the right support at the right time, I believe, is the reason why the majority of our customers give such excellent feedback. Every member of my team is a product expert and ready to offer support to our end users for any feature-related questions. Plus, ExpenseIn is designed with an intuitive interface which puts user experience first.

4. What's the best customer support you've personally ever received?

Me personally, I am yet to receive outstanding customer service, but I do feel strongly that everyone working in the service industry should provide excellent support.

5. What advice can you give customers so they are successful in rolling out an expense management software in their business?

Know what you want and involve the right people. It’s important to have a clear goal of what you’re trying to achieve by introducing a new expense management system, and communicating with all stakeholders throughout the project. Oh, and choose ExpenseIn, of course.

6. If you get asked by someone who is considering a career in support and implementation, what are the most important skills they need for the role?

People and problem-solving skills are key. If you enjoy working with people and software, the rest can be learned.