Why Customer Support is our Top Priority

By EmmaMarch 10, 2017

-This article was last updated on 23 September 2021-

When ExpenseIn first started out we knew that we would be up against competitive products. We were confident that we had features that would give us the edge, but then we stopped to think about what would really set us apart from the competition. One key aspect that everyone agreed on was that we needed to have top quality customer support. Unlike other products on the market that make you pay more for a higher quality customer service, we wanted to provide first-class support for every one of our customers and not make it exclusive to different packages.

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What Makes for Standout Customer Service?

The key element is a strong, multi-faceted approach. People learn in different ways and each generation gravitates towards different forms of communication, so diversity is crucial.


Some people find the personable approach of speaking with someone directly on the phone the best way to get the information they need. Having something as easy as an option list for the right department or a secretary to direct calls can mean customers speak to the right people first time.


For many, email has prevailed as the most convenient form of communication. No matter how busy people get at work, checking emails is a habitual part of the day. Firing off a quick question whilst replying to a few emails takes no time at all and means you can come back to read the reply when you have more time.

Live chat

As useful as these two options are, sometimes people need an answer straight away. Busy work lives mean that our customers may not have the time to start a phone call or send off an email. How then do we combine these two methods to give a more responsive service? One of the biggest modern innovations in customer support is live chat. It brings together the best attributes of phone and email whilst adding benefits of its own. You get an instant conversation with one person but it can all be done conveniently on your computer with a handy digital record of what you have discussed.

With our live chat you are not talking to robots or given automated answers, instead you are speaking to real people in real-time. We wanted our customers to be able to contact us as soon as a query crops up and never have to feel like they are waiting for an answer. Our main goal was always to create a feeling of partnership whereby we are working together to help develop both businesses. As such, we did not just want to provide a product, but give a first class service to our customers as well. That is why having multiple support channels was extremely important; we wanted our customers to be able to get in touch with us in a way that always suits them.