Liberal Democrats

“The ExpensIn App is easy to use and the pricing model works very well for us.”

The Liberal Democrats are one of the major political parties in the UK. Founded in 1988 following the merger of the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Finding a flexible solution

The Liberal Democrats have a large number of field staff who incur a significant amount of expenses. With the need to submit hard-copy forms and original receipts they would bulk claim at a much later date. Receipts would be misplaced and checking of expenses took longer.

The need for a flexible pricing model was also very important. Depending on elections and other events, usage can vary dramatically, and ExpenseIn's active user pricing model was a perfect fit.

“The support has been fantastic – both in the implementation phase and now. Queries are dealt with promptly.”

Speeding up reimbursement

Users can now easily submit expense in real-time meaning they are reimbursed promptly. Approvals are easier and quicker, and users can see the progress of their expenses. It has also allowed the Liberal Democrats to better analyse and understand expenses and makes it easier to educate staff on how to submit their expenses correctly.

“The system has been very well received and feedback has been entirely positive.”

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