“We fell in love with the system during the demo .”

Vent-Axia is a British manufacturer of ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment. The company has been operating since 1936, when the company invented the world's first electronically operated window fan.

Moving away from manual system

Vent-Axia were realising that valuable administrative resource was being taken up by a very manual and paper driven process. Recording mileage claims were also taking up significant time from their employee’s perspective. Moving away from a manual process was imperative for clawing back lost hours.

A natural progression

In addition to reducing the admin burden for their staff, Vent-Axia were able to increase communication between departments through user training and collaboration between employees using the app. The process of using ExpenseIn felt natural for their employees and they were able to experience the benefits straightaway.

“We fell in love with the system during the demo and felt it was the most appropriate system for our employees.”

Vent-Axia were able to relay feedback to their account manager who oversaw the implementation of their account. From there, any account changes could be made which further customised their requirements. This provided a seamless implementation that strengthened the user-adoption. Their employees utilised ExpenseIn as part of their day job, saving them time spent on the process.

“The mileage log for company car users is most beneficial for our employees, this saves them time and also prevents any tax implications.”

Vent-Axia’s finance team now have their burden reduced and the rest of their employees are saving time too. This has allowed them to concentrate on more important matters and increase productivity.

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