Everything you need to manage your business expenses.

ExpenseIn brings everything you need to create, approve and report on your expenses into one easy to use package.

Expense Creation

Leverage our app and receipt scanning to effortlessly record expenses on the go.

Mobile App

Create and submit expenses on the go with our iOS, Android and Windows mobile app.

Purchase, Mileage and Time

Track and record your purchases, travel and time expenses.

Out of Pocket, Cash Advance and Card

Manage expenses from all aspects of your business.

Receipt Scanning

Eliminate typing by utilising the latest receipt scanning technology.

Custom Fields

Customise expense forms with your own data capture fields.

Email Alerts

Receive alerts when your expenses have been approved and paid.

Multiple Currencies

Create expenses in over one hundred currencies with real-time exchange rates.

Personal Assistants

Give access to your PA to create and submit expenses for you.

Multiple Receipts

Attach multiple receipts to each expense. Perfect for those taxi receipts!

Submission Reminders

Never miss submitting your expenses again with monthly email reminders.

Google Maps Integration

Use Google Maps to automically calculate your journey distance.

Company Credit Cards

Streamline your credit card process and ensure timely submissions.

Company vehicles

Track and process both reimbursable and fuel card mileage.

Forward Email Receipts

Forward hotel and train booking emails directly to your ExpenseIn account.


Speed up the creation of regular expenses with the click of a button.


Increase expense guideline compliance with automatically enforced policies.

Flexible Policy Assignment

Assign policies to individual users or entire departments.

Expenditure Control

Control and limit how much exployees can claim.

Per Diem Expenses

Create flexible category rules restricting spend on certain items per expense or per day.

Mileage Tolerance

Eliminate employee expense fraud by comparing journey distances to Google Maps.

Postcode Validation

Enforce that employees enter valid postcodes for mileage claims.

Duplicate Detection

Detect and prevent the submission of duplicate expenses.

VAT Rate Guidance

Guide your employees on when they should choose a particular VAT rate.

Policy Warnings

Clear policy warnings at point of submission.

Policy Override

Ability for employees to override policy rules where a verbal agreement or a legitimate reason exist.


Make fast approval decisions with accessible data and tools.

Flexible Approval Assignment

Assign approval flows to individual users or entire departments.

Approval Hierarchy

Add as many approval levels as you need.

Approval Limits

Fully customisable approval flows at all levels of the approval process.

Email Alerts

Receive automated email alerts for all new approval requests.

Reject and Approve Partial Claims

Reject and approve entire claims or individual expense items.

View Approval History

Full history of all approved and rejected expenses.

Recall Expenses

Users can recall submitted expenses to correct errors.

Full Visibility

View every expenses that is with a manager for approval.

Policy Breach Escalation

Escalate expenses outside policy to a different department or manager.


Access and utilise real time expense reports to make smarter decisions.

HMRC Ready

HMRC compliant features are included by design.

Employee Reimbursement

Track and record employee reimbursements including employee notifications.

Reconcile Corporate Cards

Reconcile company card expenses with credit card statements effortlessly.

Capture Attendees

Capture and report on attendees for those entertainment expenses.

CSV Export

Export into Excel to perform further analysis with ease.

PDF Reports

Create beautiful PDF reports ready for audits or sharing with your accountant.

Full Audit Trail

View a full audit log for each expense created and processed within the system.

VAT Analysis

Run VAT analysis reports across all of your purchases.

Mileage VAT

Calculate VAT on mileage expenses with ease, in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

Cumulative Mileage Tracking

Track cumulative mileage for for the tax year for each of your employees.

Employee and Departmental Reporting

Track costs across whole departments and individual employees.

Project Expenditure

Record and analyse project based expenditure.


Export data to your accounting package and import credit card statements.

Accounting Packages

With customisable CSV exports it’s easy to integrate ExpenseIn’s data into your existing financial packages, including Sage One, Sage 50, Xero and many more.

Credit Card Import

Credit card statements from all major banks can be imported into ExpenseIn. ExpenseIn will automatically create your expenses and attach any matching receipts ready for submission.

Custom CSV

Our CSV builder allows you to design the data as you need allowing you to import into almost any package.