Everything you need to manage employee expenses

ExpenseIn brings everything you need to create, approve and report on expenses into one easy-to-use package.

Process expenses as they are approved.

Process expenses as they are approved

ExpenseIn keeps track of approved expenses for finance to process, with smart notifications that ensure no reimbursement gets forgotten. And with our powerful workflow everything from reconciling company credit cards to billing customers can be achieved and tracked effortlessly.

Download audit-friendly reports.

Understand your expenditure across the entire company

Generate reports filtered by parameters such as the user, department, expense type, category and more. Finding out which department is spending the most on entertainment and which is clocking up the most miles has never been easier.

Review employee mileage with cumulative reports.

Cumulative mileage reporting

ExpenseIn makes it easy to review employee mileage with cumulative reports. Limits can be automatically enforced, such as a reduced rate for mileage above 10,000 miles.

You can even upload existing mileage to the system.

Full support for accounting & analysis codes.

Use existing accounting & analysis codes

ExpenseIn is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows. We have full support for accounting & analysis codes so that your data is ready for your existing financial software.

Quickly build your own CSV format to export the fields that you need.

Build your own reports

ExpenseIn provides pre-built export formats for popular accounting and financial systems by default. But if you have special requirements, you can quickly build your own format to export the fields that you need.