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Allstar is the leading provider of a wide range of bespoke fuel cards, business credit cards and fleet management solutions. With over 7,700 sites in their network, Allstar covers 90% of the UK's fuel stations, making it the largest UK fuel network.

Integrating ExpenseIn with Allstar is a simple one-time process and time-consuming data entry to manage business expenses will become a thing of the past!

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Synchronise your Allstar card spend with ExpenseIn

Use your Allstar to pay for business expenses and scan your receipts via the app. ExpenseIn will automatically attach your receipts to transactions generated from the data feed for seamless submission.

Benefit from our automated transaction feed into ExpenseIn. No more manual data entry.

Set up approval flows and keep everyone in the loop with approval alerts.

Increase visibility and accountability through customised reports.

Connect your accountancy package and work smarter.

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