[2024] Top 6 Business Travel Solutions for SMEs & Enterprises

By Ashley FerroMay 3, 2024

Managing business travel effectively is crucial for both SMEs and large enterprises, balancing cost control with employee satisfaction.

The right travel management software can transform this complex challenge into a streamlined, efficient process.  

This article explores the best business travel solutions in 2024, helping you identify the best tool to meet your company's needs.

Key Features to Look for in a Business Travel Solution 

For businesses looking to streamline their travel processes, choosing the right business travel management software is crucial.  

Key Features to Look for in a Business Travel SolutionHere are the essential features that top business travel solutions offer: 

1. Seamless Travel Booking & Expense Management Integration 

A key feature of sophisticated corporate travel tools is the seamless integration of booking systems with employee expense management.

This allows businesses to: 

  • Simplify the management of business travel bookings and financial tracking in one platform. 

  • Ensure all travel expenses adhere to company travel policies and budgets, reducing the risk of overspending. 

  • Enhance transparency and control, making it easier for travel managers to monitor costs and compliance. 

2. Flexible & Customisable Business Travel Policies 

The best business travel management solutions provide the flexibility to customise travel policies according to the specific needs of a company.

This flexibility includes: 

  • Adjusting travel guidelines to accommodate changing market conditions or specific business requirements. 

  • Setting employee spending limits or approval workflows tailored to different departments or projects. 

  • Ensuring easy updates and modifications to travel policies as business needs evolve. 

3. Advanced Technologies for Efficient Business Travel Management 

Modern corporate travel software employs advanced technologies to facilitate efficient travel planning and management: 

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help predict business travel needs and streamline travel booking processes. 

  • Automated tools manage business travel itineraries and adjust bookings, reducing the workload on human managers. 

  • Technologies that provide real-time updates and alerts to keep travelling employees informed and prepared. 

4. 24/7 Support & Services 

Reliable customer support and access to a broad inventory of business travel resources are also crucial: 

  • 24/7 customer support ensures that travellers can get assistance anytime, anywhere. 

  • A global inventory of flights, hotels, and rental services allows businesses to plan trips that are both cost-effective and comfortable. 

  • These features together help in maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Each of these features contributes to a streamlined, efficient, and effective approach to managing business travel, ensuring that companies can focus more on their core activities and less on the logistics of travel. 

Top 6 Business Travel Management Software in 2024 

Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits, making them leaders in the corporate travel management software space for 2024.  

Companies should compare these options based on their specific travel needs and user satisfaction to select the best software that aligns with their operational goals and budgetary constraints. 

  1. TravelPerk: Comprehensive Travel Management 

  2. Corporate Travel Management (CTM): Customised Technological Solutions 

  3. American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT): Access & Care 

  4. AirBnb for Work: Flexible Accommodations & Workspaces 

  5. Traxo: Enhancing Corporate Travel Data Capture 

  6. Flightfox: Transparent & Cost-Efficient Travel Planning 

  7. (Bonus!) ExpenseIn: Best Tool to Manage Business Travel Expenses 

Here’s a detailed look at some of the top providers in 2024: 

1. TravelPerk: Comprehensive Travel Management 

TravelPerk | Business Travel Management SolutionsTravelPerk is a leading corporate travel management tool known for its ability to streamline travel processes for businesses of all sizes.

The platform offers an intuitive interface and robust functionalities, making it a preferred choice for managing business travel efficiently. 

Key Features: 

  • Policy setting & budget management: Enables precise customisation of travel policies and budget controls to ensure compliance and effective cost management. 

  • User experience: Features an intuitive interface complemented by excellent customer support, making travel management straightforward and stress-free. 

  • Comprehensive services: Includes easy booking, real-time travel alerts, advanced reporting tools, and a risk management solution, all designed to streamline travel processes. 

  • Financial & operational efficiency: Simplifies financial tracking with a single invoice system post-trip and provides tools for accurate VAT recovery, enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

  • Expense management integration: Seamlessly syncs with ExpenseIn for streamlined expense management, ensuring expenses are automatically generated with corresponding purchase documentation attached and synced in real-time. 


TravelPerk offers four pricing tiers depending on your business travel needs. For the latest information, visit TravelPerk’s pricing page. 

2. Corporate Travel Management (CTM): Customised Technological Solutions 

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) | Business Travel Management SolutionsCorporate Travel Management (CTM) is recognised for its unique approach to travel management, blending customer service, innovative technology, and tailored program development to deliver exceptional value. 

CTM stands out for its commitment to enhancing the travel experience through technological innovation and personalised service. 

Key Features: 

  • Customised solutions: CTM provides highly personalised travel management services that adapt to the distinct needs of each business, ensuring that every aspect of travel is managed according to specific corporate goals and requirements. 

  • Technological innovation: Leverages state-of-the-art technology to facilitate flexible, efficient travel planning and execution. CTM offers advanced tools for risk management and sustainability, contributing to safer and more responsible travel practices. 

  • Exceptional customer service: Known for its outstanding customer support, CTM prides itself on going above and beyond to meet customer needs. This includes 24/7 support and access to expert travel advice, ensuring a seamless travel management experience. 

  • Comprehensive ROI & sustainability focus: Emphasises a return on investment by delivering cost savings and improving efficiencies. CTM also supports environmental sustainability initiatives, reducing the ecological impact of business travel. 


CTM doesn’t disclose their pricing structure on their website. So, for the latest information, contact CTM directly. 

3. American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT): Access & Care 

American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) | Business Travel Management SolutionsAmerican Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) stands out as a leading provider in the corporate travel sector, offering a broad array of travel solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.  

With a strong focus on high-touch customer service and a comprehensive suite of travel management tools, Amex GBT ensures a seamless travel experience for companies of all sizes. 

Key Features: 

  • Extensive travel resources: Amex GBT grants access to an extensive network of travel options, including planes, trains, hotels, and car rentals, backed by pre-negotiated rates and a global reach, ensuring a variety of choices for business travel needs. 

  • Tailored customer care: Dedicated to providing personalised service, Amex GBT focuses on resolving travel issues quickly and efficiently, with a team ready to support every aspect of corporate travel management. 

  • Advanced travel management solutions: Offers NEO, a unified tool that simplifies booking and expense claims, helping businesses streamline their travel processes and reduce administrative burdens. 

  • Sustainable travel options: Committed to future-proofing business travel, Amex GBT supports initiatives that minimise carbon emissions and create more sustainable travel practices, including eco-friendly meetings and events. 

  • Proven reliability & expertise: With over a century in business travel and numerous awards, Amex GBT is recognised for its extensive experience and capability to handle large-scale travel demands effectively. 


Amex GBT doesn’t disclose their pricing structure on their website. So, for the latest information, contact Amex GBT directly. 

4. AirBnb for Work: Flexible Accommodations & Workspaces 

AirBnb for Work | Business Travel Management SolutionsAirbnb for Work provides flexible accommodation and workspace solutions tailored for business travel.  

It extends beyond leisure stays, offering a range of options that cater to the needs of companies looking to support their employees on the move, from short business trips to longer team offsites and relocations. 

Key Features: 

  • Diverse accommodations: Airbnb for Work offers a wide variety of accommodations, including top-rated homes and boutique hotels, ensuring comfort and quality with 5-star reviews from other business travellers. This range caters to individual business travellers as well as groups needing space for collaboration or relaxation. 

  • Workspaces for collaboration: Provides access to unique spaces designed to enhance productivity and creativity. These include wifi-equipped meeting rooms and off-site spaces that offer a fresh perspective and a conducive environment for team collaboration. 

  • Team-building experiences: Alongside accommodation, Airbnb for Work facilitates team-building activities such as cooking classes and outdoor adventures, which are easy to book and excellent for team bonding. 

  • Safety & security: Prioritises safety with a secure payment system and thorough reviews from previous guests, ensuring peace of mind for both travellers and their companies. 

  • Global customer support: Specialised customer support is available in 11 languages, providing assistance during business hours throughout the week to address any concerns swiftly. 


AirBnb for Work is completely free to join, without any hidden fees. Click here to sign up your company. 

5. Traxo: Enhancing Corporate Travel Data Capture 

Traxo | Business Travel Management SolutionsTraxo provides a comprehensive solution for real-time capture of corporate travel data, offering complete visibility into all employee travel regardless of the booking source. This system is tailored to address gaps in travel data management and bolster duty of care. 

Key Features: 

  • Real-time data capture: Traxo captures all travel-related bookings and changes made through TMCs, suppliers, and OTAs, ensuring that no data is missed across your organisation. 

  • Advanced data management: The platform collects, merges, and de-dupes booking data, allowing for streamlined analysis while maintaining booking flexibility for employees. 

  • Enhanced duty of care: By updating traveller locations in real time, Traxo aids in complying with travel risk management standards and improving traveller safety. 

  • Cost savings & compliance: Traxo identifies off-platform bookings, providing essential data for improving compliance and achieving cost savings in negotiations. 

  • Seamless integration: Integrates effortlessly with existing corporate systems to boost productivity and facilitate data sharing with essential services. 


Traxo offers three pricing tiers depending on your business travel needs. For the latest information, visit Traxo’s pricing page. 

6. Flightfox: Transparent & Cost-Efficient Travel Planning 

Flightfox | Business Travel Management SolutionsFlightfox simplifies complex travel arrangements for businesses, schools, non-profits, and events through a unique blend of technology and human expertise.  

Their platform ensures transparent pricing, expert support, and access to a vast inventory of flights and hotels, making travel planning effortless. 

Key Features: 

  • Cost Efficiency: Flightfox guarantees the lowest online pricing available, helping businesses save on employee travel expenses without compromising quality. 

  • Transparent Pricing: With clear, upfront pricing and no hidden fees, Flightfox provides budget planners with peace of mind and assurance. 

  • Expert Support: A dedicated team of travel experts is available 24/7 to provide personalised assistance and guidance, ensuring a smooth travel experience. 

  • Tailored Solutions: Flightfox offers customised travel planning solutions, including unique landing pages and group flight coordination, tailored to the specific needs of businesses, schools, and organisations. 

  • Strategic Travel Policies: Collaborates with finance managers to develop travel policies aimed at maximising cost-efficiency while maintaining quality standards for corporate events and gatherings. 


Flightfox offers a single flat fee for each of the following: 

  • Per way per passenger for flights 

  • Per hotel room 

  • Per vacation rental booking 

  • Per car, ferry, bus, train, any mode of transport 

  • Per insurance policy 

For the latest information, visit Flightfox’s pricing page. 

ExpenseIn: Best Tool to Manage Business Travel Expenses in 2024 

ExpenseIn interface on mobile and laptopExpenseIn is a complete business expense tracker app that simplifies the process of creating, approving, and reporting business travel expenses 

Trusted by businesses globally, ExpenseIn offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features to streamline expense management. 

Key Features: 

  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets: Replace traditional paper-based expense claims with a streamlined digital process. Submit expense claims on the go via the mobile app, with real-time receipt scanning and automatic mileage and carbon emission calculations. 

  • Sync with TravelPerk: One-way integration via API allows trips booked in TravelPerk to feed directly into the ExpenseIn platform. Expenses are automatically generated with corresponding purchase documentation attached, providing full visibility of employees' travel costs in real-time. 

  • Make informed decisions: Gain full visibility of business expenditure and access powerful real-time reporting features. Track big spenders, utilise existing accounting codes, and build custom reports for smarter financial decisions. 

  • Save time with automation: Reduce administrative tasks and create a happier, more productive workforce with automated push and email alerts, enforced policies, and expense receipt verification. 

  • Integration with favourite tools: Seamlessly integrate ExpenseIn with your existing business platforms to automate workflows and enhance efficiency. 

Ready to see how ExpenseIn can transform your business travel expense management? Book a demo today and streamline your corporate travel costs efficiently with our cutting-edge solutions. 

How to Choose the Right Corporate Travel Solution for Your Business 

Choosing the best corporate travel solution is crucial for streamlining your business’s travel management processes. With so many options available, it’s important to evaluate which business travel solution aligns best with your company's needs.  

Here are some guidelines and key considerations to help you make the right choice: 

1. Assess Your Business Travel Needs 

Start by understanding the specific requirements of your business.  

Consider the nature of the travels, the frequency of business trips, and the most common destinations to identify what features are most important for your business travel solution. 

Key Considerations: 

  • Business size: Solutions vary in scale; larger enterprises might need a robust platform with extensive integration capabilities, while smaller businesses may benefit from more user-friendly, flexible solutions. 

  • Travel volume: Assess how often your employees travel. High travel volume may require more sophisticated tracking and reporting features to manage bookings and expenses efficiently. 

  • Geographic coverage: Ensure the business travel management solution covers all the regions where your employees travel. Look for solutions that offer a wide range of options and local support in those areas. 

  • Budget constraints: Consider your budget for business travel management. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each solution, looking at not only direct costs but also potential savings through better deal negotiations. 

2. Research & Compare Business Travel Solutions 

Start by collecting information on various business travel management tools. 

  • Read online reviews, case studies, and testimonials, particularly from businesses similar to yours. 

  • Consider scalability; the travel management software should grow with your business without exorbitant costs. 

3. Trial & Evaluate Business Travel Solutions 

Take advantage of demos or trial periods. 

  • Test the business travel software’s integration with your existing processes. 

  • Assess user-friendliness and the learning curve for your team. 

  • Evaluate the level of customer support; prompt and effective support is crucial. 

4. Implementation & Integration of Your Business Travel Solution 

  • Ensure the solution can seamlessly integrate with your existing HR and finance systems. This integration is vital for automating business travel policies, approval processes, and expense reporting. 

  • Evaluate the training and resources provided by the travel management solution vendor to ensure your team can maximise the tool’s capabilities. 

Choosing the right corporate travel management software involves careful consideration of your business’s specific needs, the software's features, and its scalability.

By methodically assessing each option, you can select a solution that enhances business efficiency and supports your growth strategy. 

Boosting Business Efficiency with the Right Corporate Travel Solution 

Choosing the right corporate travel solution is essential for businesses aiming to streamline their travel processes effectively and efficiently.  

The key lies in aligning the solution with your business size, travel volume, geographic needs, and budgetary constraints.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can ensure the chosen software not only meets your current needs but also adapts to future growth. 

For businesses particularly focused on optimising their travel expense management, ExpenseIn offers an innovative and user-friendly platform that integrates seamlessly with solutions like TravelPerk.

This integration enhances visibility and control over travel expenses, making financial management smoother and more accurate. 

Are you ready to take control of your corporate travel expenses? Book a demo with ExpenseIn today and discover how our comprehensive travel management solutions can transform your business travel operations into a streamlined, cost-effective process.