"ExpenseIn was easy for people to use and the staff could easily see the benefits of the system by receiving faster payments of expenses."


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South East Wales, UK

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Expense management

Sped up reimbursements and boosted staff satisfaction.

Drive is a non-profit organisation that helps people with learning disabilities transition from institutions to ordinary housing in South East Wales. They support individuals with learning disabilities, mental health issues, autism, physical disabilities, complex health needs, dementia, and those who challenge services. Drive's services include domiciliary care, registered accommodations, respite services, and a horticulture project, all aimed at fostering independence and improving quality of life.

Finding a flexible solution

Drive faced significant challenges with their previous expense process, which relied on an outdated system involving Excel files emailed to the Finance Department.

This method was cumbersome and time-consuming, often leading to delays in reimbursement.

"We wanted to digitalise our expense claiming process. We previously used to have an Excel file that was emailed to the Finance Department. Moving to ExpenseIn made the whole process faster, quicker and easier for our staff to use."

ExpenseIn provided a comprehensive solution that was both user-friendly and competitively priced. Drive appreciated the flexibility and efficiency that ExpenseIn brought to their expense management.

"We chose ExpenseIn as we found the product to be very good and easy to use and we found the price to be competitive."

Speeding up reimbursement

One of the most significant benefits Drive experienced with ExpenseIn was the ability to process weekly payments for staff, greatly speeding up the reimbursement process.

This improvement has led to higher staff satisfaction and increased operational efficiency.

"Our Finance Team has been able to switch to weekly payments for staff, speeding up the process as a whole, meaning staff are happier, and our teams can work more efficiently."

Integrating with existing systems

Drive integrated ExpenseIn with their Azure Active Directory (AD) for single sign-on, simplifying the login process for staff and boosting security.

"We have Integrated ExpenseIn with our Azure AD allowing for single sign-on which is much easier for staff by not having to remember multiple logins and passwords."

Positive reception from staff

The implementation of ExpenseIn was smooth and well-received by Drive’s staff, many of whom were not accustomed to digital systems.

The intuitive interface and clear benefits of faster payments helped ease the transition.

"Expense In was extremely easy to roll out to staff, especially in our sector where staff are not used to digital systems or are afraid of change. ExpenseIn was easy for people to use and the staff could easily see the benefits of the system by receiving faster payments of expenses."

Outstanding support from ExpenseIn

Drive has also benefited from the excellent support provided by ExpenseIn.

"On the rare occasions that I have had to reach out to ExpenseIn Support they have been very fast and knowledgeable when responding."

By adopting ExpenseIn, Drive has significantly improved its expense management process, leading to happier staff and more efficient operations. The integration with existing systems and the excellent support provided have made ExpenseIn an invaluable tool for Drive’s finance team.

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