"The software is easy to use, approvals are simple, and we are now saving the company hours of processing time every month.”

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Expense management

Improved expense processing and reduced errors.

Habitech Limited is a top distributor of specialized AV, lighting, control, and network systems for custom installations. Since 2006, they’ve offered award-winning products, comprehensive training, and dedicated support to help customers achieve outstanding results. Their demonstration facilities let customers experience the transformative impact of their solutions in a home-like setting.

Challenges with previous expense process

Habitech Limited faced significant challenges managing their expenses with spreadsheets, which required constant updates and advanced formula knowledge.

“We were using spreadsheets to manage our expense process on a day-to-day basis, and although the spreadsheets had built-in controls and security, they needed constant updating and required knowledge of advanced formulae to manage.”

The process of sending, scanning, and emailing receipts was time-consuming and error-prone, leading to misplaced receipts and added costs.

“Expense receipts were either sent through the post or scanned and e-mailed. The processing and approval of claims was time-consuming and potentially prone to errors, with numerous occasions of receipts going missing, therefore restricting our ability to reclaim VAT and adding cost to the business.”

Choosing ExpenseIn for a reliable solution

Habitech Limited needed a reliable system for capturing and approving expenses, one that was cost-effective and easy to use.

“We decided we needed a more reliable system, where users could take pictures of their receipts, upload them to an app, and have these routed for approval through their line manager as well as the Finance team.

We also didn’t want to pay excessive fees for a solution or have to commit a fee for every member of staff who may only occasionally submit a claim.”

ExpenseIn's pricing model and workflow features met these needs perfectly.

“ExpenseIn gave us exactly what we were after, only charging for an individual if they submitted a claim in any given month (subject to a minimum number of users).

The workflow and authorisation process is flawless and the software allows us to set company rules and policies around what can and cannot be claimed.”

Seamless Integration with NetSuite

The integration with NetSuite allowed Habitech Limited to process expenses efficiently without manual intervention.

“We chose to implement with NetSuite so that we did not have to manually process through our ERP system which ExpenseIn enabled us to do seamlessly.”

The implementation was smooth and professionally handled by ExpenseIn’s team.

“The implementation was well structured, and our dedicated implementation specialist Lavinia Jones was incredibly professional, helpful and committed to delivering a complete solution for us which she did perfectly.”

Positive feedback and support

Users found the software easy to use, leading to significant time savings and streamlined approvals. The support from ExpenseIn was exceptional, addressing queries promptly and efficiently.

“We had a lot of positive feedback from users of the system once it went live. The software is easy to use, approvals are simple, and we are now saving the company hours of processing time every month.”

Benefits experienced with ExpenseIn

Since implementing ExpenseIn, Habitech Limited has experienced substantial time savings, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, seamless integration, and compliance with company policies.

“The system has been very well received and feedback has been entirely positive. We are now saving the company hours of processing time every month. I would highly recommend the product to others.”

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