"ExpenseIn is a highly recommended tool when it comes to expense management systems."

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Fingal, Ireland

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Expense management

Saved time in reviewing and approving mileage and expense claims.

Triathlon Ireland is the official governing body for triathlon and duathlon sports in Ireland. The organisation oversees a variety of sporting events for both able-bodied and parasport athletes. It also celebrates excellence by recognising top athletes at its annual awards and maintaining a Hall of Fame to honour their achievements.

Overcoming manual expense management

Before transitioning to ExpenseIn, Triathlon Ireland's expense management was bogged down by manual processes and extensive use of Excel.

This not only delayed reimbursements but also made it challenging to track and manage expenses efficiently.

“[Before ExpenseIn, we were] using Excel and a manual process for approving.”

Choosing an advanced, streamlined system

After evaluating several options, Triathlon Ireland adopted ExpenseIn for its simplicity, efficiency, and the benefits of going paperless.

“[ExpenseIn has] saved huge amounts of time in reviewing and approving mileage and expense claims.”

Key benefits of implementing ExpenseIn

ExpenseIn’s straightforward design and ability to easily track cumulative mileage have greatly benefited Triathlon Ireland, streamlining their financial operations and reducing workload.

“[ExpenseIn is] user-friendly and easy to keep track of cumulative mileage.”

End-user feedback and customer support

The feedback from users at Triathlon Ireland has been overwhelmingly positive, noting the simplicity and effectiveness of the system.

“Easy to use system.”

The support provided by ExpenseIn, especially the online chat function, has also received high praise.

“10 out of 10, the online chat function is very helpful too.”

Triathlon Ireland highly recommends ExpenseIn

The integration of ExpenseIn at Triathlon Ireland has transformed their approach to expense management, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

The system has not only facilitated smoother operations but also improved staff satisfaction.

“ExpenseIn is a highly recommended tool when it comes to expense management systems.”

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