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Expense management

Digitised and streamlined Healthworks' expense management process.

Healthworks is an award-winning community health charity working with local communities across the North East. They aim to reduce health inequalities and support people of all ages to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Overcoming a paper-based process and choosing a scalable solution

Healthworks struggled with a cumbersome paper-based expense process that resulted in misplaced receipts and slow approvals. 

“We were fully paper-based! Receipts everywhere, teams running around getting their manager to sign claim forms… It took too long and was not great for the environment either.”

The team chose ExpenseIn due to its scalability, affordability, ease of use, and cultural fit. Their requirements were:

“A platform that would scale with us and be affordable, easy to use, and their culture seemed a good fit for our own.”

ExpenseIn boosted time savings & expense tracking

Since switching to ExpenseIn, the charity has seen massive time savings and a robust audit trail for better tracking.

The automated receipt scanning reduces data entry errors, while the distance calculation between postcodes simplifies mileage claims.

“Huge saving in time for everyone – teams, approvers, and finance – with a MUCH more robust audit trail of who spent what on what.”

Integrating with Sage

Healthworks seamlessly integrates ExpenseIn with Sage, their accounting software.

Customisable reports tailored to their needs can be imported directly into Sage.

“We’ve tweaked it to our own needs – a few columns here, a few fixed outputs there – and the result is a report that we can import straight into our accounting software at the click of a button. Job done.”

Positive reception by end-users

Initially concerned about adoption due to varying tech comfort levels, Healthworks was pleased to find that staff quickly embraced the system.

“Not everyone is confident with tech, and we had a few worries when we launched, but everyone picked it up quickly and now absolutely loves it. Quick, easy to use, can be used on the go thanks to the free App… it has completely transformed how we process expenses.”

Healthworks appreciates the personalised support from ExpenseIn, particularly their responsiveness to feature suggestions.

“ExpenseIn are fab. We sometimes suggest tweaks to the system, and they take these on board for future updates. It feels like you’re talking to a real person, which is a big plus.”

ExpenseIn’s flexibility enables efficient volunteer management

The flexibility of ExpenseIn has allowed Healthworks to extend the platform to their volunteers, providing separate approvals and coding for volunteers and employees.

“The system is flexible enough that we’ve also rolled it out to our volunteers. The system can cope with who is an employee and who is a volunteer – with approvals and coding separate as needed – which is fantastic for us.”

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