"It’s feature rich, yet very intuitive to use."

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Expense management

Simplified expense processing and eliminated manual data entry.

Founded in 1876, The Physiological Society is a charitable organisation dedicated to advancing physiology. It connects over 4,000 scientists from more than 60 countries, publishes leading research, and supports educational and public outreach efforts to enhance understanding of physiology's impact on everyday life.

Finding a highly recommended solution

The Physiological Society, a prominent charity organisation, sought an efficient and integrated expense management system.

Although they had no issues with their previous process, the recommendation from their third-party finance company led them to explore ExpenseIn.

“It came highly recommended by our third party finance company and integrates well with their systems.”

Integration with Sage 50

A key requirement for The Physiological Society was the ability to integrate with Sage 50.

The ExpenseIn connector proved to be an invaluable asset, streamlining their workflow and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

“The ExpenseIn connector allows us to integrate with Sage, reducing all manual entry and saving us time.”

Maximising efficiency & scalability with ExpenseIn

One of the most significant benefits The Physiological Society has experienced since implementing ExpenseIn is its intuitive, feature-rich platform.

ExpenseIn’s cost-effective and scalable pricing structure has also proven to be a major advantage, allowing them to adjust services as needed without compromising on budget.

"It’s feature-rich yet very intuitive to use. The pricing structure makes it both scalable and value for money."

Positive feedback from end-users

The Physiological Society staff have embraced the new system with enthusiasm. The ease of use for both submission and approval processes has led to highly positive feedback.

“We’ve received very positive feedback from staff – they find it very quick and easy to use, for both submission and approval processes.”

Excellent support from ExpenseIn

The support team at ExpenseIn has provided consistent, helpful, and prompt responses.

Whether through live chat or email, the support has been reliable, supplemented by a comprehensive help centre full of useful articles and guides.

“We have always received quick and helpful responses from support – both online and via email. This is often backed up with guidelines we can use at a later date."

A reliable choice for expense management

With many expense management systems available, ExpenseIn stands out for The Physiological Society.

Their experience since 2021 has been overwhelmingly positive, with no reason to consider switching to another platform.

“There’s a host of other expense processing platforms out there, but ExpenseIn gives us absolutely no reason to change whatsoever!”

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