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Ad hoc expenses

ExpenseIn’s Ad hoc module was one of the only modules we found that was capable of meeting our requirements for payment of ad hoc expenses.

The University of Chichester Students' Union is a registered charity and works to support and enhance the experience of students at the University of Chichester - a public university located in West Sussex, England. It is placed among the UK's top 40 for high student satisfaction.

Fulfil our requirement for reimbursing one-off expenses

As a students’ union, we have a requirement to reimburse students in respect of one-off expenses for activities such as travelling to and from sports fixtures or purchasing materials for their clubs and societies. We also pay a number of other one-off type claimants such as match officials and referees, coaches and prize winners. The biggest challenges were the amount of paperwork, manual approval and then either creating one-off payments or creating standing data for multiple one-off or low-volume payees.

ExpenseIn’s Ad hoc module was one of the only modules we found that was capable of meeting our requirements for payment of ad hoc expenses.

The product offered us great flexibility in configuration, is affordable and auditable, and has the capability to integrate with our accounting systems and above all be mobile and user friendly and therefore enhancing our ‘customer journey’.

Transforms the processing of one-off expenses

The implementation of ExpensIn Ad hoc has transformed our processing of one- off expenses. Once invited/approved as users on the system, end users are able to submit claims and these use workflow for approval. Relevant staff are able to approve claims or even re-direct approvals if they are away.

Our staff love the system as it saves paperwork and increases flexibility round where they can work.

Our end users find the system intuitive, and the flexible configuration has enabled us to ensure users can only claim for appropriate expenses, therefore reducing errors in coding. Speed of processing claims has significantly improved, resulting in more timely and accurate information in our accounts and happier end users.

Benefit from white-labelling and satisfied users

Having a branded system contributes to our customer journey and experience; it makes the system look bespoke and aligns it with our wider brand image.

Our staff team find it significantly easier to manage and approve ad hoc expense claims.

99% of claimants find the system easy to use; our referees who use the system throughout the season love the system and have repeatedly said they wish other organisations would use it too;

This is due to the simplicity of making claims and speed with which we process and pay.

Great support from ExpenseIn

Support from the team during and post implementation was great – since go live we have needed minimal support but have had review meetings with the team to enable us to provide feedback and raise any suggestions for improvement.

As one of the first users of ExpenseIn Ad hoc, we have been really pleased with the product and support.

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