ExpenseIn Launches New Ad Hoc Expenses Module

By Linda RoperJanuary 30, 2023

ExpenseIn is delighted to expand its capabilities with the recent launch of their ad hoc expense module. The new add-on provides end-users who are not on the payroll with a simple way to claim for one-off expenses and reduces the admin time for Finance teams.

ad hoc expenses double app

The software is suitable for any industry sector that works with users who are paid outside the payroll like charities, student unions or recruitment. Set up for the new ad hoc module is easy, and users can create an account with their email address in seconds.

Our goal was to come up with a solution that gives users the same fantastic features we already offer through our expense management app, such as quick expense creation, approval automation and real-time reporting, but through a fully white-labelled self-registration platform.

Rich Jones, Product Director, ExpenseIn

Key benefits of the new ad hoc expenses module include:

  • Self-registration: End-users can create an account in seconds through ExpenseIn’s highly customisable self-registration platform.

  • Fully white label: Users can personalise their account by adding their own logo and colours to the platform.

  • Secure bank details: Ability to capture and validate claimants bank details securely.

  • A simple way to claim: Claims can be submitted in a matter of seconds, replacing the traditional slow and tedious paper-based approach.

  • Real-time reporting: Users can access and utilise real-time expense reports to understand how much one-off projects and activities are costing.

The ad hoc expense module is the second add-on which the company has released, following the successful launch of its invoicing module in spring 2021. To learn more about ad hoc expenses, please book a free demo today.