Introducing ExpenseIn's Carbon Reporting: Driving Sustainability & Smarter Business Choices

By Ashley FerroJanuary 15, 2024

We're thrilled to announce a new update to our expense management tools: the carbon reporting feature

Designed to simplify the tracking of travel-related carbon emissions, this user-friendly feature helps effectively manage the environmental impact of employee travel and hotel stays for businesses of all sizes. 

Ideal for UK businesses with frequently travelling employees, the feature simplifies the monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions from both travel and accommodation.

Utilising official government data, it provides comprehensive analysis and real-time reporting making it an invaluable tool for companies looking to effectively track, report, and improve their carbon footprint management. 

With the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility, we developed a tool that's both user-friendly and detailed for reporting on expense-related carbon emissions. Our carbon reporting feature automatically calculates the carbon footprint when users submit an expense or mileage claim, making it effortless for businesses to manage their environmental impact." 

Rich Jones, Product Director, ExpenseIn 

Key features of the carbon reporting feature include: 

  • Travel-related emission tracking: Whether it’s for vehicle mileage, flights, trains, buses, taxis, or accommodation, our system provides accurate emissions data related to travel-related expense claims. 

  • Compliant with UK conversion factors: Pulls data from official UK government conversion factors to ensure compliance and accuracy in reporting. 

  • Intuitive interface: Our user-friendly interface transforms complex carbon data into clear, easy-to-understand visuals, aiding in informed and eco-friendly business decisions. 

  • Real-time reporting: The carbon reporting feature provides up-to-date information for effective carbon footprint management and allows for exporting data into reports for further analysis and record-keeping. 

To explore how this feature can benefit your business and align with evolving UK sustainability standards book a free demo today.

Take a step towards a more sustainable future with ExpenseIn.