Is Yours the Last Company Not to Benefit from Mobile Expense Management software?

By Linda RoperJanuary 18, 2021

With mobile devices so present in modern society, the ability to use an app can really help focus people’s attention on a specific task. And people inevitably appreciate the simplistic, user-friendly experience that comes with a quality mobile app. The majority of companies are now embracing this technology as a way of taking advantage of their employees’ growing preference for simple mobile apps with expense management. Employees can use mobile apps to quickly and easily track expenses through receipt scanning, so everything runs efficiently and accurately and they can focus more on their work, rather than the laborious process of having to log expenses.

Here are four ways that companies benefit from providing mobile expense management software for their staff:

The picture shows a woman sitting on a couch and using the ExpenseIn app on her mobile phone

1. Convenience and ease of use

When in a busy work or travel environment, mobile tools provide a clear advantage to users. Rather than turning to the laptop and trawling through lots of information every time they need to check the details of a transaction, staff can use their mobile device with great ease and efficiency. As expenses are accrued, the ease of scanning a receipt with a phone or tablet camera has a clear advantage over manually entering the details.

2. Quality platforms offer enterprise-level integration

Typical consumer apps are sufficient for personal activities, but a company is likely to need some additional security features and the capability to integrate with complex enterprise data. Expense management software providers have responded to this demand by balancing a user-friendly app with the technical sophistication to meet the needs of larger businesses and organisations.

3. Improved compliance through automated processes

Rather than giving employees the arduous responsibility of reading and ensuring compliance with your company’s expenses policy, your chosen mobile expense software can integrate such policies into the process of reporting. An application like this can improve compliance company-wide, while simplifying the process and reducing stress levels for everyone.

4. Better data for informed decision-making

Automation can save significant amounts of money for organisations through the improvement of employee compliance with expenses policies. And the data these applications capture is a valuable resource to help managers identify areas for improvement to save more money for the company and improve convenience in an ongoing pursuit of improvement.

The basic concept is that if you download a game to your smartphone, you are likely to end up playing it far more than if it was only available on your computer. The same concept translates into business processes – give employees a way to handle expenses through their mobile devices, and you will see the general preference for mobile apps translate into improvements for your business.