ExpenseIn Launches Brand New Invoicing Module

By Linda RoperJune 30, 2021

The image shows three people discussing an invoice and a screenshot of the ExpenseIn invoice approval module

ExpenseIn is delighted to announce the release of its much-anticipated invoicing module which saves finance teams hours processing supplier invoices each month. The module provides real-time invoice scanning, automated approval and the ability to submit purchase requests. It is accessible 24/7 and users can switch between the expenses and invoicing module at any time in the ExpenseIn web portal. Asked about the market response since the launch, Product Director Richard Jones describes it as “fantastic”.

“The new module is a great addition to our product suite and we’re really pleased with the level of interest it has created amongst our clients and prospects.”

Richard Jones – Product Director

Stay in Control of your Supplier Spend

The new module works similar to the expense module with the real-time scanning and digitalisation of supplier invoices at its centre. The real-time scanning extracts all of the relevant information from user’s supplier invoices automatically and creates draft invoices ready for submission to the approvers.

Accounts teams can create fully customisable, advanced approval flows including out of office messages and attach customised policy rules to pre-imported supplier lists. They can also utilise real-time invoice reports to stay in control of supplier spend and make smarter financial decisions.

“For our users the new product launch means, that they can now capture, process and approve their supplier invoices from anywhere, before posting them with the click of a button to their accounting system, completely removing the need for manual data entry and speeding up the invoicing process.”

Claire Hughes – Support and Implementation Manager

Approve Invoices Before the Spend has Happened

One feature the company is particularly proud of is the purchase request which allows managers to pre-approve spent before the purchase has taken place. Managers have the option to approve the purchase request and move it on to Finance for payment, reject the purchase request back to the user with a comment or redirect the purchase request to another approval flow.

“We built this invoice module with user experience in mind, and we knew that adding a purchase request functionality would be really valuable for our users, because they receive an end-to-end invoicing solution which starts before the spend has happened.”

Richard Jones – Product Director