ExpenseIn's Plans for 2024: Innovation, Integration & Enhanced User Experience

By Ashley FerroDecember 12, 2023

After a hugely successful 2023 at ExpenseIn, we're eager to look ahead and share our plans for 2024.

Our focus is on rolling out new updates and features that directly address the everyday challenges of expense and invoice management. These enhancements are all about making your financial tasks simpler and more efficient, and we're excited for you to experience the improvements in the year ahead. 

A Brand New ExpenseIn Mobile App 

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for ExpenseIn app users with the arrival of the third version of our mobile app. This update focuses on enhancing functionality and streamlining your expense management process. New app interface

1. Updated Homepage Dashboard 

The new app will introduce an updated homepage dashboard. It's about refining what works - you'll find a dashboard that's organised and easy to navigate, displaying all the essential information you need at a glance.  

2. Invoice Approval On the Go 

Our new mobile app brings a much-anticipated feature: the ability to approve invoices directly from the app.  

This enhancement, highly requested by our users, streamlines your workflow, allowing you to manage invoices efficiently from anywhere, not just at your desk. 

3. Refined Navigation 

We've also focused on refining the navigation within the app. The updated version will feature an improved layout, making it easier and quicker to claim expenses.  

This new, intuitive, and user-friendly design aims to make your experience more straightforward and less time-consuming. 

Additional Features & Integrations 

Our 2024 journey doesn't end with the release of the new mobile app. We believe in continuously evolving to meet and exceed your expectations.  

“Listening to our customers, and delivering on their requirements, remains our utmost priority. We expect 2024 to be another busy year, with enhancements planned across all our modules that will help ensure customers receive the very best experience and continue to realise the benefits of ExpenseIn.” 

Rich Jones, Product Director, ExpenseIn 

We're excited about the future and what it holds for ExpenseIn's capabilities. Here's a glimpse of our focus: 

  • Innovative features: We're working on new, intuitive features to streamline your expense management with ExpenseIn, aiming to simplify processes and enhance insights, so you can focus more on your business. 

  • Seamless integrations: Expect further integrations between ExpenseIn and your other essential business tools, creating a more efficient, error-free, and streamlined workflow. 

  • CSR-driven ad hoc module: We’re prioritising our ad hoc expense module as a key part of our corporate social responsibility commitment. It offers charities and volunteer organisations an efficient way to manage their volunteers' expenses, aligning with our goal to support the third sector with innovative, effective financial management tools. 

Continuation of Our Feature-Focused Webinar Series

As we move into 2024, our webinar series continues with more exciting and informative sessions.

Webinars1. Carbon Reporting 

Kickstart the new year with a deep dive into our new carbon reporting feature launching mid-January 2024! This webinar will cover how you can use ExpenseIn to track, report and analyse your company's carbon footprint, aligning your business with modern sustainability practices. 

2. Invoice Module 

In February, we'll explore the invoice module, a critical tool for efficient supplier invoice management. This session will guide you through the functionalities of this module, showing you how to streamline invoice processing and improve financial accuracy. 

We have more webinars planned, each designed to offer practical advice for managing business expenses and insider knowledge about using our platform effectively. 

Stepping into 2024 with ExpenseIn 

As we move into 2024, stay tuned for the latest updates and follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook. There, you'll find the latest news and tips that can transform the way you manage business expenses. 

Let's make 2024 a great year together with ExpenseIn!