Explore ExpenseIn's Exciting New Features Today

By EmmaNovember 10, 2016

At ExpenseIn we understand that technology is always evolving and so are our customer’s needs. We endeavour to keep up with these changes and as a result have released some great new features recently.

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Assign Expenses Against Projects

One of our features that we are really excited about is Projects. This new addition allows you to assign expenses against certain projects. Companies can gain visibility into project expenditure, making sure they are always monitoring profit and loss. Having this level of reporting capability will ensure that effective decision-making can be employed.

Bulk Edits & Favourites

Another main area that we felt we needed to improve upon was the time spent on the expense process. We wanted to make this process even quicker, allowing you focus on more important business needs. We have added a ‘select all’ tool, which will allow you to bulk select your expenses and submit them, rather than selecting them individually. In addition, you can now add your regularly used expenses to your favourites on the app. From here you can re-use these expenses if and when you require them.

Improved Policy Enforcement

We have also thought about how we can improve policy enforcement to make sure that you have excellent expense compliancy for your business. You can now enforce postcode validation entry for mileage claims for your users. In addition to this, you can now set policy category limits. This is a really handy tool for keeping a hold on certain expense categories. If, for example, you don’t want your users spending more than £50 for entertainment purposes then this feature is perfect for you.


Customisation has always been key for us; no user, customer or service need is the same. We have therefore made your account configuration even more customisable. You can now control features such as the available purchase methods at the user level. We have also added a department override function. This means that certain users can override the departments assigned to them in order to submit expenses for different departments.

Duplicate Expense Detection

Human errors in expense submission are sometimes unavoidable. However, our new duplicate expense detection feature can go a long way to ensuring that this is minimised. As with anything, it is easy to submit things twice, especially expense claims. You will now be able to detect if your users have accidentally claimed more than once for a single expense.

Watch this space…

We also have many more changes still to come. The reporting section of our system will become even more intuitive with grouped CSV mapping and PDF creation in the My Expenses section. The expense process will also be improved through auto receipt matching on credit card import, recurring expenses, adding approval limits and flexible email reminders. In addition to all of this, we will also be adding the ability to import your users and projects straight into our system without the need for manual input.