Find out How ExpenseIn is set on Making 2017 a Very Exciting Year!

By EmmaJanuary 4, 2017

-This article was last updated on 22 September 2021-

The New Year has begun and here at ExpenseIn we are determined to make 2017 remarkable. Combined with all of the lessons we have learnt and our ever-growing passion for our service, we are extremely excited to start the New Year head on.

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Listening to Our Customers

What has been central to our progression in 2016 and will be just as important this year is making sure we are consistently listening to our customers. We actively encourage and promote feedback and that is what has been the ultimate driving force for some of our great new features. This year will be no exception, our development team will be expanding and we will be working on some fantastic new additions.

Increase Control

We want to make the expense process even more streamlined to give you much more control and speed up reimbursements. As such, we will be making further developments to our export functionality and will also be modifying our credit card import to include automatic receipt matching. This will make creating expenses from your credit card statements even easier and save you valuable time spent on the process.

Linked Accounts

We are also very excited to announce that we will be introducing linked accounts to make managing different subsidiaries under one account effortless. Our mobile app will also be undergoing a little revamp. You will be able to approve and reject expenses in approval flows and also manage PA Assist accounts with our app. This will make on-the-go expenses even easier. These are just a few highlights of the exciting features for 2017, there are still many more to come!

Continued Support

To help you get to grips with all our new additions we will have our fantastic support team to be on hand. As well as our development team, our support team is expanding too. We want to make sure we are always there to give you fast responses to your queries and provide you with a first class service every time.

We have an exciting year planned and we wanted to thank our existing customers who have made 2016 such a fantastic year. Our goal has been to improve the way businesses manage and process their expenses. We hope to keep improving our software so that we can continue to add real value to our customer’s businesses. We wish everyone a very happy and exciting New Year!