September 2021 Feature Roundup

By Linda RoperOctober 4, 2021

September was a very busy month for us at ExpenseIn, and in this post we give you a quick recap of some of the features we have launched last month that you might have missed.

Table of Contents

Microphone with speech bubble with the words September Product Updates

Ability to Store User Bank Details

We’ve listened to our customers and if required, you can now store user bank details for the purpose of reimbursement. These details are stored in encrypted format within our UK data centres. Within your Advance settings you can also allow users to update their own details if applicable. Users can update their details from their My Profile area.

Added Project and Department Approval Support for Invoices

We are pleased to let you know that approval flows set against a project or department are now used to control the approval of invoices where invoice lines are assigned to departments and projects. When an invoice is assigned to different departments or projects, it is now possible for the invoice to go to more than one approval flow simultaneously. When all approvals have been actioned, the invoice itself will be approved.

Invoicing Feature Enhancements

We’ve also added a couple of additional tweaks to the invoicing module:

  • Emailed previous approvers on invoice rejection: Previous approvers are now notified when an invoice they have approved has since been rejected.

  • Added finance notifications for invoices uploaded via email: If a non-finance user uploads an invoice via email, the finance notification address is not notified.

Added is Authorised Flag to Sage 200 Integration Mapping

And last but not least, we made a tweak to the Sage 200 integration in our app, which means when configuring your Sage 200 integration mappings you can now specify if the invoice should be marked as authorised. Only applies when the amount is under the authorise limit threshold in Sage.